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New Snowflake Features 09/2022

areto presents new Features Snowflake 09 2022

New Snowflake Features Released in September 2022

Snowflake’s new releases in September included improvements in collaboration, more seamless failover with client redirect, updates to automated data pipeline scheduling and data classification, and several new additions to Snowflake Marketplace.

Listing Discovery Controls—now in public preview

Listing Discovery Controls is now in public preview, advancing privacy-preserving collaboration in the Data Cloud for both providers and consumers of data. Providers can flexibly share data across one or more internal or external business partners, preserving privacy with listing discovery controls while leveraging cross-cloud auto-fulfillment, programmatic and visualized usage analytics, and monetization capabilities. Consumers can more easily draw value from the shared content thanks to rich metadata, such as example queries, descriptions, and categories.


Automated fulfillment of data products across clouds and regions—now in public preview

Automated fulfillment can be harnessed to provide global availability of fresh, up-to-date data across clouds and regions when sharing listings privately or publicly via Snowflake Marketplace. Visit the Provider Studio to review your listings and set up the refresh frequency to ensure that consumers in remote cloud regions have on-demand access to your data products without any additional effort on your side.


Data sharing from public, multi-tenant deployments to Virtual Private Snowflake deployments—now in public preview

Organizations whose Snowflake accounts sit in public, multi-tenant deployments can now securely share data with accounts in Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS) deployments, unlocking the benefits of Snowflake’s privacy-preserving collaboration to even more Snowflake customers. If you are a VPS customer, contact Snowflake Support in order to start receiving data from your business partners in public, multi-tenant e regions.

Cross-Cloud Business Continuity

Support for Client Redirect now in general availability

Support for Client Redirect is now generally available—enabling seamless redirection of client connections across Snowflake accounts in different regions and clouds for improved business continuity. Client Redirect, together with Account Replication and Failover, enables recovery of account and client connections. Read more about redirecting client connections in our documentation.

Performance Features

Additional support for Search Optimization Service—now in public preview (select regions)
Snowflake is pleased to announce the public preview of support within select regions for enabling Search Optimization for specific columns in a table. More specifically, this new service includes search optimizations for Column Configuration, Substring and Regular Expression Searches, VARIANT, and GEOGRAPHY. Get more details about this new feature rollout here.

Data Pipelines – Serverless Tasks now in general availability

Snowflake Tasks allows users to schedule the execution of a SQL statement. With Serverless Tasks, Snowflake takes care of the heavy lifting of managing tasks for customers. Warehouse size and idle policy are automatically managed and optimized by Snowflake based on the customer’s pipeline use case. With Serverless Tasks, data engineers can optimize task management to achieve best use of compute and better cost-effectiveness (up to 35% in cost savings in some cases). They can also automate pipeline tasks and improve productivity by minimizing mundane tasks. Get more information about Serverless Tasks.

Data Governance – Data Classification on GCP is now generally available

Data Classification for accounts that are Enterprise Edition (or higher) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now generally available. This same feature was previously made generally available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in June 2022. Classification enables categorizing potentially personal and/or sensitive data stored in Snowflake tables and views, which can then be used to enable a variety of data governance, sharing, and privacy use cases. Read about our data classification capabilities.

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