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Power BI: Viva Goals + Metrics integration, scorecard time zones and more

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New year, new features! Microsoft announced the general availability of the Viva Goals Power BI integration and three new Metrics features specifically answering common customer asks. A new, optional column for milestones, scorecard time zones, and a handy auto collapse / auto expand feature.

Next milestone column:

In the last few months, Microsoft released a feature that allows you to add multiple milestones to a metric. Previously, Power BI showed either the final target or the next milestone in the scorecard, depending on the user selection. With this new release, users can show an entire column dedicated to showing the next milestone, as well as the final target if they choose. You can access these options in the column view settings shown below.

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You can also use the toggle to show a combined current/target value as the progress column or opt to separate the values into a current and target column. As you can see below, users can have individual columns for current, next milestone, and target values.

Scorecard time zones:

Scorecards now include a time zone setting in the setting pane. Previously, scorecards defaulted to GMT time zone. Moving forward, new scorecards will default to the current time zone they’re created in. You can change this in the scorecard settings which is important for teams who may span different time zones. For example, if my team is based in Australia, but I work in the UK, I might want to set the scorecard I create for them to reflect Australia’s time zone. This will organize check-ins and calculate current values in relation to the specified time zone.

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Auto collapse:

Finally, we have a new setting that allows a user to collapse or expand all metrics in a scorecard at once. By default, all the metrics will be collapsed which improves scan-ability and load times.

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General availability of Viva goals and Power BI integration:

While Metrics in Power BI provides a great way to define and track specific KPIs, helping to align and drive your organization to achieve specific goals takes more than just data. Viva Goals  aligns teams to your organization’s OKRs, providing employees and teams with clarity on how their work is impacting the business’s most important priorities. And now: the Viva goals integration with Power BI is generally available, making it easy to connect Viva Goals to data from Power BI. This enables organizations to create alignment and clarity all the way from Power BI reporting and analytics solutions up to objectives being driven through Viva Goals – backed by the robust-collaborative processes for executing on OKRs provided by Viva Goals. With seamless access to Power BI reports, you can point to the measures you want to align your Key Result to, and automatically visualize the evolution of your KRs, making the integration easy to set up for all users.

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Source: Microsoft Power BI

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