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Zebra BI for Power BI Daily Sales Flash

areto Zebra Bi Daily Sales Flash

Meet the newest ZebraBI template for Power BI: Daily Sales Flash!

It enables you to have the latest numbers right in front of you every day. No need to manually change the date, each refresh will pull the latest data and show you today’s values.

The most important reasons why you’ll love it:

On the top left, you can see today’s values for two KPIs: Sales and Quantity. These KPIs (created with Zebra BI Cards, btw) also act as a filter for the whole report – clicking on them switches all the other charts between Sales (default) and Quantity.

In the monthly section, there’s also one special column, called EOM Trend (End-of-Month Trend) – it’s an automatically calculated forecast based on the current trend.

You can finally have the latest values in front of you at all times. Since they’re updated with each refresh, there’s no need to manually change the date.

Mind-blowing, right? No more checking for the latest updates and waiting for monthly meetings. Check the most important sales numbers every day!

areto presents Zebra BI for Power BI Daily Sales Flash

👉 To try all this (and more!) yourself, play with the interactive demo and download the PBIX file to use on your data:


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