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Snowflake new features released january 2023

areto Snowflake new features released january 2023

Snowflake new features released january 2023

Snowflake kicked off 2023 with enhanced features around data governance and optimized storage for expanded data access. In fact, a number of exciting new Snowflake features and capabilities are now generally available or in public preview. Read on to learn about everything new announced in January.

Optimized Storage

External Tables for On-Premises Storage now in public preview

You can now create External Stages and External Tables on software and devices, on premises or in a private cloud, that expose a highly compliant S3 API. With these new capabilities, you can use Snowflake to access data in those storage devices while getting the ease of use, elasticity, governance, resilience, and connectivity that Snowflake provides out of the box. Visit our documentation page to learn more.

Data Governance 

Column Lineage now generally available

Security and compliance teams need to tag and protect column data as it flows from known sensitive columns to new columns, which they do by using data manipulation commands such as CTAS, MERGE, and INSERT. But teams can easily lose track of sensitive columns, resulting in compliance violations.

With Snowflake’s column-lineage capability now generally available, teams can improve the governance of their sensitive data at scale by automating sensitive data flow tracking at the column level. Learn more.

Grow Your Business in the Data Cloud

Aggregate Usage Analytics now in public preview

Aggregate usage analytics enable listing providers to get aggregated insights on reach and engagement of their listings in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Providers are able to track metrics at the account level such as most viewed listings, most used listings, most active consumers, top regions, and listing conversion over time. These insights help providers optimize their listings for greater adoption and relevance.

Go to the Analytics Tab in the Provider Studio to access this feature. Detailed documentation is available here.



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