The German Bundesliga (DFL) uses AWS services for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, database administration and storage to provide real-time statistics to predict future matches and match outcomes and recommend personalized game footage to fans for mobile, online, streaming and television broadcasts.

Sports Analytics with AWS

AWS Sports Analytics Solutions for the Bundesliga

“Innovation means questioning the status quo. Working closely with AWS, as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, significantly increases the investment we have made in innovation over the past two decades and helps us deliver a world-class football experience to our fans.”

Christian Seifert, Managing Director DFL GmbH

Sports Analytics for the Fans

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Engaging fans via Sports Analytics

The Bundesliga uses AWS’ market-leading offering of cloud services, including machine learning and analytics, to create its advanced statistics, the Bundesliga Match Facts. AWS and the Bundesliga provide football fans around the world with a unique combination of advanced real-time statistics and match analytics.

AWS Bundesliga Match Facts


Teams use pressure as a technique to disrupt the rhythm of an opponent. “Most Pressed Player” indicates how often a player is put under great pressure by his opponents. Decisive here is the number of opposing players, their distance to the player in possession of the ball and the direction of movement of each player. Most Pressed Player also compares the number of pressure situations a player is exposed to compared to their teammates, helping to determine which players are under pressure more often.


Speed Alert shows how fast a player can sprint at any given time during a game and helps create a ranking of players by comparing the top speed between Bundesliga players, teams, game times and records. Speed Alert offers the 500 million Bundesliga fans from over 200 countries worldwide an interesting way to check their assumptions about who is among the fastest players.


With Realformation, fans can now see the positioning of a team’s players on the field and gain insight into a team’s planned style of play. With the help of tracking, analysis and visualization in real time of the position data of the players on the field, it will allow the fans to understand tactical changes. For example, with the help of the new statistics, it can be determined whether a team pursues an offensive or defensive tactic, plays a pressing in midfield or attacks via the wings.


As a further development of the match fact “Realformation”, this insight provides details on certain trends in the game that result from events such as a red card, a goal or a substitution with and against the ball.


With attack zones, fans can see what teams are focusing their offense on. Attack zones are defined as the areas on the playing field that a team uses to enter the danger zone in front of the opponent’s goal. This shows the fans where a team attacks most often, and thus which side the team sees as the most likely to score.


With xGoals, or Expected Goals, the Bundesliga can now estimate the probability that a player scores a goal when shooting from any position on the field. The goal probability is calculated in real time for each shot to provide spectators with insights into the difficulty of a shot and the probability of a goal.

Benefits of AWS Sports Analytics Solutions for the Bundesliga

Engaging and inspiring the fans

Through the use of AWS, the Bundesliga offers advanced real-time statistics and detailed insights with the Bundesliga Match Facts, giving its fans better insights into players, teams and the league.

Improvement of the broadcast product

The Bundesliga uses machine learning, AI, analytics, and other innovative technologies from AWS to improve the broadcast product and explore new distribution formats. AWS Media Services make Bundesliga matches more flexible and interactive for fans.

Improve business operations

With AWS, the Bundesliga will transform its business operations so that the league and its clubs build services, automate processes, improve the use of data and work more cost-effectively.

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