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With over 100 consultants, IT experts and data scientists, we work for our customers throughout the German-speaking world. We can be found in our branches in Cologne, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Berlin and of course on site for customer-specific and exciting projects.

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Data of a consultant's existence

Traffic jams, worn out shoes? This is not what your life as a consultant at areto will look like. The pizzas, however, could potentially be true! But seriously: At areto, we find the right job for everyone, whether remote development, business intelligence consulting or customer service. Are you areto?

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Bahncard – Company pension scheme – Health measures – Coachings – Ice cream in the office – Company mobile phone – Company bicycle and company car– Workation – Internet use at the workplace – and much more, look here…

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We cooperate with many universities to revitalize and promote talent.

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Did You Know?

areto is a top employer in medium-sized companies!!
After 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 now also 2022.

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This raises the question: Isn’t it boring to always be one of the best German employers in medium-sized companies? Of course not! Because we want you to write your application letter now and join our team.

Why are we top employers and who evaluates it?
As part of a cooperation, kununu and the news magazine FOCUS identified the best medium-sized employers in Germany for the third time.
And look: areto is among the best employers for the third time after 2018 and 2019! But why?
The results of the ranking are based on employer evaluations of employees from 1.1.2018 on kununu.com. All evaluation criteria (e.g. salary, working atmosphere and work-life balance) and the entire kununu score were queried and contributed to the creation of the ranking.

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“We are grateful and also a little proud that, despite the constant growth in recent years, we have managed to preserve values such as a good compatibility of family and career, a good work-life balance but also team orientation and open communication. Especially, in times like these, it becomes clear how valuable our way of dealing with each other and working is in order to successfully survive even crisis situations. The cohesion of all colleagues, which we have cultivated since the foundation as an important corporate value and the good relationships with our customers, have helped us to quickly adapt to the new challenges. Despite Corona, we were able to win over many new, great colleagues.”

Jan Strackbein, CEO areto consulting

areto is one of the most family-friendly
employers in Germany

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Meet Janine

What did you do before you started working at areto?

Before joining areto, I did my Master's degree in "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere" at the University of Cologne. Through my specialization in applied geophysics, I already learned during my studies what it means to deal with good and bad data – especially through the evaluation of measurement data in various geophysical projects in Israel, Belgium and Germany. In my job as a research assistant at the university, I was also involved in both the analysis and visualization of various data.

Meet Hao

What is your current job at areto?

I am currently employed as a BI consultant at areto and work as a data integration developer for a customer in the banking sector.

What do you like about areto?

I think areto as an employer is really like a big family. The colleagues are open, honest and helpful, especially when it comes to supporting each other in project situations and learning from each other. Not to forget the two managing directors, really cool guys! So, areto is worth it!

Meet Leander

What has been your best experience so far at areto?

I believe that it is not possible to describe a "best" experience. Many situations or actions in everyday working life are great. The Christmas parties show that even after work and on weekends, colleagues can all celebrate together until early hours. The daily interaction between the direct team and work colleagues in the office is an incentive to go to the office every day. There are many "best" experiences, none of which surpass the other or are less good.

Meet Basti

What is your job at areto?

At areto, I am responsible for two very different things. On the one hand, I am a BI consultant in the data warehouse area. In doing so, I work with large corporations to develop concepts for their data processing in order to fully exploit their potential and then to support the later project implementation through technical development. Since I'm a bit of a crazy guy, there had to be a fun counterpart somehow. Together with other colleagues, I have therefore launched the in-house play and fun department MAD and regularly organize activities and excursions for all those who are in the mood! From bubble soccer, Moviepark and Mallorca weekend everything has been there so far.

Meet Nathalie

Why did you choose areto back then?

Because you immediately noticed that the enthusiasm for the topic of BI is the driving force at areto and you were immediately develop the same attitude. It just fit!

What do you do, when you don't for work areto?

Running as far as my legs and my stubborn head carry me, preferably in interesting places in the world, and then feed me through strange, exciting menus.
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Meet Janine

Was hast Du vor Deiner Arbeit bei areto gemacht?

Vor meinem Start bei areto habe ich meinen Master in “Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere” an der Uni Köln gemacht. Durch meine Spezialisierung auf angewandte Geophysik habe ich bereits im Studium gelernt, was es heißt sich mit guten aber auch schlechten Daten herumzuschlagen – vor allem durch die Auswertung von Messdaten in verschiedenen geophysikalischen Projekten in Israel, Belgien und Deutschland. Auch in meinem Job als wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft an der Uni war ich sowohl an der Analyse als auch an der Visualisierung diverser Daten beteiligt.

Meet Hao

Was ist Deine aktuelle Tätigkeit bei areto?

Aktuell bin ich als BI Berater bei areto angestellt und projektmäßig bei einem Kunden im Bankenbereich als Data Integration Developer tätig.

Was gefällt Dir an areto?

Ich finde areto als Arbeitgeber ist wirklich wie eine große Familie. Die Kollegen sind offen, ehrlich und hilfsbereit, vor allem wenn es darum geht, sich gegenseitig in Projektsituationen zu unterstützen und voneinander zu lernen. Nicht zu vergessen sind natürlich die zwei Geschäftsführer, wirklich coole Typen! Also, areto lohnt sich!

Meet Leander

Was war Dein bestes Erlebnis bisher bei areto?

Ich glaube, dass es nicht möglich ist ein „bestes“ Erlebnis zu beschreiben. Viele Situationen oder Aktionen im Arbeitsalltag sind toll. Die Weihnachtsfeiern zeigen, dass die Kollegen auch nach der Arbeit und am Wochenende alle zusammen bis spät in die Nacht feiern können. Das tägliche Miteinander zwischen den direkten Team- und Arbeitskollegen im Büro ist jeden Tag aufs Neue ein Anreiz ins Büro zu fahren. Es gibt viele „beste“ Erlebnisse, von denen keines das andere übertrifft oder weniger gut ist.

Meet Basti

Was ist dein Job bei areto?

Bei areto bin ich für zwei sehr unterschiedliche Sachen zuständig. Zum einen bin ich BI Berater im Data Warehouse Bereich. Hierbei erarbeite ich mit Großkonzernen Konzepte für ihre Datenverarbeitung, um deren Potential voll auszuschöpfen sowie dann bei der späteren Projektumsetzung durch die technische Entwicklung zu unterstützen. Da ich ein etwas verrückter Typ bin, musste da irgendwie ein spaßiger Gegenpol her.
Mit anderen Mitarbeitern habe ich deshalb die hauseigene Spiel- und Spaß-Abteilung MAD ins Leben gerufen und organisiere regelmäßig Aktivitäten und Ausflüge für alle die Bock haben! Von Bubblesoccer, Moviepark und Mallorcawochenende war da bisher alles dabei.

Meet Nathalie

Warum hast Du Dich damals für areto entschieden?

Weil man sofort gemerkt hat, dass die Begeisterung für das Thema BI die treibende Kraft bei areto ist und man mit gleicher Einstellung sofort so unglaublich selbstverständlich aufgenommen wurde. Hat einfach gepasst!

Was machst Du, wenn Du mal nicht für areto arbeitest?

Laufen soweit mich meine Beine und mein Sturkopf tragen, am liebsten an interessanten Orten dieser Welt, um mich danach durch fremde, spannende Speisekarten zu futtern.
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areto Power Women!

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WE are areto – And WE, that is everyone. Starting with consultants, through the management to the back office. WE are the team and it doesn’t matter who or what you are or where you come from: #aretosindWIR – WE make the difference!

Nevertheless, it is no secret that women are still outnumbered in the tech industry. According to a study “Women in the Internet Economy” published by eco — Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. in cooperation with the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), the proportion is only 16%.

Here, we show you our areto power women! Because they are best to tell you what is so fascinating about the industry, areto, IT and technology.

Through this, we want to encourage women. Because girls, girls, girls, women, mothers, aunts You already know it – you have the power to be everything you want! #aretosindWIR #aretorockt

We are not like
any other

We are cool guys – mostly without suit and briefcase – who are burning for their projects at the customer, have desire for new exciting topics and always want to be one step ahead!
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areto Academies

Don’t die curious.

For us, not just a proverb, but a guiding principle.

Continuing education is important to us. The development of our employees is therefore in focus! We promote the individual skills and talents of our employees and make it possible to look beyond their own technical horizons at any time and take the step towards new techniques.

In addition to this individual training, we want to learn one thing above all – together and from each other – which we do every last Friday of the month at our areto academies. We meet in the branches, cook and eat together and discuss new and exciting topics in a virtual conference. Four times a year we even do one big areto academy and all meet in the Cologne office to exchange ideas for two days and learn from each other.

On these days, our topic groups around the areas of reporting, DWH and data science develop exciting workshops and lectures on current topics and projects by and for employees. In the evening, MAD organizes entertainment through cool activities and good food after such thought provoking days.

You want to be there? Talk to us!

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We are MAD. Not the internal military counterintelligence service of areto, but the in-house fun and games organization.
Whether MAD is an abbreviation and what it stands for is an internal mystery, but everyone agrees it’s an important part of areto. The name is actually not that important. The important thing is that there are people at areto who want to do something for the community and for the fun in the company.
In general, everyone can participate and contribute. The core team of about 10 volunteers has initiated activities in recent years, some of which have almost become a tradition.

These include: Trips to Mallorca, Halloween at the Moviepark, a Christmas market, cheese fondue, the Cologne carnival party, laser tag, bubblesoccer, VR city tours, hiking day, barbecues, brewery tours, game nights and much more.

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