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Working during the day, surfing in the afternoon and relaxing in a Mediterranean street café in the evening? That’s what areto Workation offers you!

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areto Workation

areto consulting is the first German IT consulting company to introduce the organization of workation trips for all employees. areto offers its employees the opportunity to work abroad for several weeks or even months. For this purpose areto creates the necessary working conditions with international cooperations and saves the employees the research and organization work.

“Due to the newly gained possibilities of remote work, uncomplicated work within Europe is possible. We give our consultants the confidence and the opportunity to recharge their energy reserves with vitamin D after these challenging COVID years and create a new work-life balance, which will also have a positive impact on our clients.”

Jan Strackbein (CEO areto consulting)

What is Workation?

WORKATION is made up of the words WORK and VACATION. And yes, work and vacation have always belonged together, but until now they have always been clearly separated from each other: “First the work, then the pleasure,” as the old saying goes. Digitization, however, is opening up new opportunities and new ways of life: When the digital nomad scene developed a few years ago, freelancers no longer began to complete their assignments in their clients’ offices or from their home offices, but instead traveled the world and worked from beach resorts, mountain huts or hotels in the world’s metropolises. This was the starting point for Workation: combining work and vacation. You travel to beautiful and inspiring places, work there during the day according to the employer’s specifications and after work enjoy the sea, go on city tours, go surfing, just the way you want your life to be.

Why do areto offer workation?

There are several reasons why areto offers Workation. But the most important reason is that work will always be an important part of life and we want to make this part optimal: For example, areto has long paid attention to making team and project collaboration fun. That’s why we do a lot of things together besides work, e.g. organized by MAD (which is areto’s own fun organization), by the teams or just spontaneously by someone who feels like it. The areto management supports financially, materially or they are involved themselves.

For areto, it is clear that a good work-life balance ensures satisfied, creative and high-performing employees. And to achieve this, you need regeneration phases, such as vacations. But wouldn’t it be much better to combine work and vacation phases? And why does digital work always have to take place in a specific location?

At areto, our company culture and cooperation as a team is built on values such as trust and mutual help. That’s why we’ve had the option to work remotely for a long time. Workation was the next logical step, because it doesn’t matter whether we’re sitting in front of the computer in Hanover or Lecce: what matters is that the previously agreed service is provided.

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The current areto Workation offerings


With areto you can work in a sunny, warm and beautiful place in Italy, and areto will do the planning for you.
This is your opportunity to work on your projects for a few weeks or months in an inspiring, beautiful and relaxing place:
Let’s go to Lecce!

Variant 2: Co-living on Tenerife

More and more digital nomads and remote workers are drawn to Tenerife. And so more and more coworking and coliving places are emerging.

areto Workation cooperates with Nine Coliving, a community house, which offers the possibility to get a taste of this kind of digital nomadic life and work.

variant 3: plan your workation yourself

You want to plan your Workation location and the route yourself? No problem! The moon and the Maldives are currently not yet possible. Under good working conditions within Europe, however, many things are feasible. We trust you to take the initiative to make sure that you have everything you need to complete your work in the areto projects to the satisfaction of the customers and the internal team! You can do that? Then don’t let wanderlust wait any longer.

whoever goes on a workation can tell great stories

In the areto Workation blog you will find travel reports, experiences, thoughts and useful tips from colleagues who have discovered areto Workation for themselves.

Here Janine and Thimo (BI Consultants at areto) tell us what Workation in Portugal looks like for them. (follows shortly)

Janine and Thimo

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Our areto workation destinations:
Variant 1: Southern Italy

benvenuti a lecce!

With areto and our partner Holiwork™ from OutOfOffice™ you can live and work in Southern Italy for a few weeks or months.

And there are many good reasons to visit Lecce:
You will immediately become part of the local community, guaranteed by the
Co-Founder of Holiwork™ Chiara. She’s from Lecce (and is happy to share her personal work-from-anywhere experiences with you about how it’s possible to manage a startup in Germany from here).

The fastest connection to Lecce is from Bari & Brindisi, which are easy to reach by plane from all major cities.

It is always sunny and warm and world famous for its crystal clear water, breathtaking beaches and ancient culture (awarded several times e.g. by Lonely Planet, New York Times etc.).

areto und Holiwork Workation Lecce

your workation in lecce -
exactly to your taste!

Just customize areto Workation the way you like it! Choose from numerous possibilities and
create the ideal environment for your areto Workation project.


The community focuses on the idea of networking. The accommodation (apartment, hostel or room with a host family) is located in the beautiful, historic old town of Lecce.  Access to a co-working space is included. In this co-working space regular meet-ups take place, so that you can get in touch with the locals after work. Possible language courses or cultural excursions can be booked individually.


Recharge your batteries, have time for yourself and pursue your hobbies alongside your work. That describes Recovering. Accommodation on the most beautiful beaches in Puglia, a morning jog on the beach before work, kite surfing during your lunch break and an aperitivo in the evening to round off the day. Working with the sound of the sea in the background and replenishing your own energy reserves, that’s how nice working at areto can be!


An accommodation in the most beautiful landscapes of Puglia. Among the mountains, on a farm or in the pine forests. The region has much to offer in terms of sustainability. Solar-powered accommodation, minimalism, organic markets and regional cuisine. Rethink life with areto Workation and Holiwork™, help shape the future in a sustainable way and get to know new possibilities: areto Workation in the heart of Italy!

Letto Onirica

Accommodations in Lecce!

areto Workation offers different packages (Luxury, Premium, Standard) depending on your preferences. Some of the accommodations of our partner Holiwork are located in the heart of the “Centro Storico” of Lecce with beautiful roof terraces, others in “Masseria” style (former manor houses) in the middle of the typical landscape of Salento. All accommodations are well equipped (e.g. with high-speed WLAN, kitchen, workplace). With Holiwork you also have a direct contact person on site.

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areto Workation co working lecce

Our areto Workation destinations:
Variant 2: Tenerife

bienvenido a tenerife

The areto workation destination on Tenerife is the house of our partner Nine Coliving. Here you will not only find a place to sleep and work.
It’s a place where like-minded people meet and form a strong community.

With its many shared spaces, digital nomads and remote workers are given every opportunity to connect, grow and develop together. Create your areto workday with morning routines, like yoga or jogging routes, and relax in the community in the evening with a shared barbecue or sundowner.

Tenerife is a beautiful island with a lot to experience.
So Tenerife is a paradise for every adventurous and outdoor soul: hike on the biggest volcano in Spain, do a mountain bike tour, surf at the world hot spots, snorkel & dive with a breathtaking underwater world, sail into the sunset or watch whales and dolphins. There are no limits.

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Nine Coliving Tenerife

Even at areto, there’s no way around it: the work has to get done.
We try to provide our team with as much comfort as possible.

Nine Coliving offers many different workspaces. With a beautiful view over the city and the sea, this is the perfect place to get things done.
Whether it’s a conference room for private meetings or a large living room for relaxed, informal work. Nine makes sure that every common space is perfect to work from.
But you can also work from the garden, the courtyard, the roof terrace or your room.

areto nine coliving 2
areto nine coliving 2
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Our areto Workation destinations:
Variant 3: Plan your individual route

welcome europe

You want to plan your Workation location and the route yourself?

No problem! The moon and the Maldives are currently not yet possible. Under good working conditions within Europe, however, many things are feasible. We trust that you can take the initiative and make sure that you have everything you need to complete your work in the areto projects to the satisfaction of the customers and the internal team! You can do that? Then don’t let wanderlust wait any longer.

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Our cooperation partners

Chiara Oliva and Georg Sauter, are the founders of Holiwork. They met during their international marketing careers and founded their first own company in Hamburg 6 years ago. In the meantime, they spend most of the year in Southern Italy with their two young children, managing their company from afar and traveling a lot. During these years, they have always thought that this “work from anywhere” model can be applied to many life and work concepts. They often talked to partners and friends who visited them to work and carry out their projects in a stimulating, culturally different environment and, of course, to enjoy the beautiful weather in winter. With Holiwork, they are pioneers in the field of Workation and areto is excited to build its own areto Workation program with them as a focus partner.

Do you have questions about the areto workation offer?

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