Snowflake Data Cloud supports a wide range of data processing, integration, and analytics solutions and is capable of handling a wide range of workloads, including data engineering, data lake, data science, data applications, and data sharing and exchange. 

Snowflake - The Data Cloud

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What Is Snowflake Data Cloud?

Snowflake Data Cloud is a global network where thousands of companies mobilize data at an almost unlimited scale. Snowflake Data Cloud consists of two parts: platform and data.
Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers the Snowflake Data Cloud. The data provided in the Snowflake Data Cloud comes from Snowflake customers and other data providers. They store data in Snowflake, as well as to share data via the Snowflake platform. Snowflake Data Cloud sits between the providers of cloud infrastructures and the providers of data applications. Snowflake Data Cloud is the place where organizations can connect, collaborate, and then achieve their goals with the help of data.

Why Snowflake?

Breaking down heterogeneous data silos  to use existing information in a modern approach to data management and analysis is currently one of the major challenges that companies face. The aim is to  simplify the work of IT staff and reduce the time to value creation  for companies. Many organizations are migrating their data and analytics to the cloud, but still struggle to combine multiple data types and different analytics initiatives into a coherent  strategy. A true platform takes advantage of modern cloud data warehouses and data lakes to help organizations shift their focus from managing infrastructure to managing data. With Snowflake’s platform, different types of data from different sources can be easily collected, stored, integrated and exchanged. This gives teams free resources, more flexibility and the insights they need to make their decisions. 

Architecture Snowflake areto partner eng

By capturing structured and semi-structured data from any data source, the patented multi-cluster-based shared data architecture easily and securely enables a variety of workloads – such as cloud data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines and data exchanges – and many different applications for business intelligence, data science and data analytics. With Snowflake as the foundation, users can shift their focus from managing a sprawling, inconsistent infrastructure to gaining insights from the entire data platform. The possibility to make all data and insights available to every relevant employee, i.e. a democratization of knowledge, quickly leads to a significant return on investment.

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A platform with the right architecture is the key to a successful data management and analytics strategy for the entire company and beyond. By standardizing on Snowflake’s platform, users can bring together disparate data sources to gain valuable and timely insights. Yet, without additional costs, maintenance or complexity associated with older solutions. Snowflake’s performance, flexibility and scalability optimally support even highly volatile analysis requirements.  Snowflake enables companies to make data-driven decisions, improve collaboration and establish a progressive cloud strategy.

A single, unified platform 

Snowflake’s multi-clustered shared data architecture consolidates data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes into a single, reliable data source (“single-point-of-truth”) that enables multiple types of analytics.

All your data 

Store data at scale in its original formats and in the cloud without complex transformation. so that it is  available for many different applications.

Fully managed service layer 

With Snowflake, user sessions can be authenticated, resources managed, security measures performed, queries compiled, data governance enabled, and ACID-compliant (ACID = atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) transaction integrity can be ensured. 

Instant, efficient, near-infinite scaling

Benefit from elastic scalability of the compute resources intended for each workload, whether automatic or spontaneous, ensuring end-to-end peak performance. Take advantage of Snowflake’s billing to the second to avoid costs for unused capacity.

Global Data Sharing

Data managed with Snowflake can be exchanged instantly and securely within the company but also with external partners without having to copy or move data.

Cross-region and cross-cloud 

Snowflake is a cloud-independent platform that makes it able to distribute data across multiple regions and even across different cloud providers. With Snowflake, combine and customize clouds. 

Snowflake Data Platform

Snowflake provides a global platform designed for all data and critical workloads of an organization. Snowflake offers borderline and seamless data integration. With the Snowflake Data Platform, use the performance, flexibility, and virtually unlimited scalability needed to easily and securely load, integrate, analyze, and share data. Snowflake is a fully managed service that is very easy to use while allowing for an almost unlimited number of parallel workloads. Snowflake can be used as a solution for cloud data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and sharing of data

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Benefits of Snowflake's Data Platform

Snowflake - one platform - many workloads

Snowflake provides a single, unified platform for managing all your data, including the following workloads:

Snowflake provides a single, unified platform for managing all your data, including the following workloads: 

Snowflake optimizes data engineering while being powerful and reliable. 

With Snowflake, easily capture, transform, and deliver all data for faster, deeper insights. 

Thanks to Snowflake, data engineers spend little to no time managing their infrastructure by eliminating tasks such as capacity planning and concurrency management. Instead, they can focus more on value-added tasks when delivering their data. 

Data Engineering on Snowflake

All data, all speeds

Enable continuous or batch collection of structured, semi-structured data to ensure that nearly all users can work with live data. Faster access for faster, more informed decisions.

Improve pipeline performance and reliability

Run pipelines with dedicated, elastic computing resources at the right size for optimal performance, reliable pipelines, and significant cost savings.

Reduce pipeline complexity

Use SQL to streamline pipeline development without having to manage additional clusters, services, or copies of data.

Data Lake on Snowflake

Exceptional query performance 

Make almost all of your company’s data available to an unlimited number of users. Provide efficient data exploration with instant, almost unlimited scalability and concurrency. 

Integrated, extensible data pipelines 

Optimize data pipeline development for the best possible performance. Rely on reliable, real-time scalable pipelines that can handle high data workloads and extensible data transformations to meet individual needs. 

Secure, managed collaboration 

Leverage Snowflake capabilities to meet governance and security standards for collaborative data preparation, investigation, and analysis, no matter where the data resides. 

Take advantage of fast data access, high query performance, and strong data transformation, and take advantage of Snowflake’s built-in data governance and security. 

With its cloud-based architecture, Snowflake offers the most flexible solution to support or optimize a data lake or lake house strategy. Combine components of data lake design patterns to unlock the full potential.  

Ensure fast, reliable, secure but also cost-efficient access to all data. Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse delivers exactly what modern businesses need. 

Cloud Data Warehouse on Snowflake

A single source for all data
Snowflake creates a central, controlled, and instantly queryable source for all data, including JSON or XML files, with nearly unlimited, cost-effective storage capacity.

Accelerate BI and analytics for all users
Snowflake supports a virtually limitless number of concurrent users as well as queries with almost unlimited dedicated computing resources. Query semi-structured data directly using SQL or your favorite business intelligence and machine learning tools.

A global solution with very little maintenance
Scale Snowflake spontaneously or automatically, with billing to the second. Ensure consistent usage across the largest public clouds with nearly zero management/maintenance.

Data Science on Snowflake

One consolidated source for all data

The larger the dataset, the more precise the model. Snowflake stores almost unlimited amounts of raw, structured, semi-structured data at affordable prices for object storage, with little administrative overhead.

Efficient data preparation

Scale computing resources up or down automatically or spontaneously. With server nodes in sizes XS up to 6XL, use the right amount of resources for data preparation or feature engineering.

areto is your partner for data science

Snowflake connects to the entire data science ecosystem. Train and deploy models on virtually any machine learning platform with seamless connectivity to Snowflake’s Data Cloud. areto is happy to support you.

Most data specialists spend 80% of their time searching for and preparing data. Imagine what they could do for your business without this effort.

Traditional data warehouses and data lakes are too slow for data specialists and restrict them too much. Snowflake Data Cloud integrates seamlessly with machine learning libraries and tools commonly used by data professionals. Snowflake’s near-limitless data storage and instantly available and nearly unlimited computing resources can scale quickly to meet the needs of analysts and data specialists.

The Snowflake Data Cloud enables applications with virtually limitless performance, parallelism and scalability.

Introduce new features faster with simplified data pipelines and improved engineering efficiency. Snowflake is delivered as an as-a-service solution, which means that data engineers and architects don’t have to deal with the complexity of the infrastructure, but can focus on innovating with your data applications

Snowflake Data Cloud enables applications with near-limitless performance, parallelism, and scalability.

Roll out new features faster with simplified data pipelines and improved engineering efficiency. Snowflake is delivered as an as-a-service solution, which means you don’t have to deal with infrastructure complexity and can focus on innovating with your data applications.

Data Applications on Snowflake

Unlimited scalability and parallelism

Snowflake’s multi-clustered shared data architecture allows you to consistently meet performance SLAs. Power up dedicated compute resources directly to support an almost limitless number of concurrent users or workloads while maintaining high performance.

Optimized data pipelines

Build applications that deliver new insights from semi-structured data faster without engineering teams having to worry about preparation. Use ANSI SQL for all data. This includes supporting connections across different data types or databases.

No administrative overhead for SRE/DevOps

With Snowflake, can improve engineering productivity by seamlessly managing deployment, availability, optimization, data protection, and other operations across multiple clouds. 

Data Sharing on Snowflake

Reduce costs

Replace traditional data sharing practices with data. Instead, provide direct access to unchanged data.

Enable new insights

Access accurate live data from the organization and business ecosystem to gain additional, deeper insights not possible with traditional data analytics solutions.

Strengthen business relationships

Provide customers, suppliers and business partners with secure access to controlled data through your data exchange solution to improve collaboration in your business ecosystem.

Collaborate seamlessly with business partners while reducing costs and enabling new business insights.

With Snowflake Data Cloud, organizations can easily set up their own data sharing solution for their business ecosystems, where data is discoverable, accessible, and secure.

How to Win in Today's Data Economy

Read here why data collaboration, cutting-edge business analytics and inspiring data leadership are success factors in today’s economy.

Snowflakes Data Platform and Data Warehouse Automation / Data Vault Automation

In the interest of our customers, areto ensures that data integration is standardized as much as possible. The increasing adoption of Data Vault as a data modeling method for DWH has led to the development of numerous Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) solutions. The combination of leading DWA tools, Snowflake’s cloud data platform and areto’s technical expertise leads to high time and cost savings.


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Breath taking performance

Snowflake ensures maximum speed even for the most demanding workloads. The Snowflake architecture separates compute resources from storage resources, so you can scale up and down on the fly – without delays or glitches. Snowflake always delivers the right performance at the right time.

Unlimited parallelism

Snowflake can provide unlimited parallelism with its multi-cluster-based shared data architecture. This allows different compute clusters to process the same data simultaneously without performance loss.

Snowflake automatically scales to meet varying parallelism requirements with its multi-cluster virtual warehouse feature, transparently adding compute resources at peak demand and scaling down as load decreases.

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Simplicity without compromise

With Snowflake, you can focus on your business instead of managing your data warehouse. Snowflake’s automatic optimization eliminates the need for manual intervention like other cloud and on-premises solutions. There is no hardware or software to deploy or configure. Snowflake automatically scales to support any data volume and parallelism requirements with consistently high performance.

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