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What Do We Mean by "Data Analytics"?

In today’s business world, there is often no shortage of one resource: data. Its volume, frequency, and availability in value chains has increased significantly in recent years – and with it the need to organize, understand, and derive value from it.

Data analytics describes the systematic analysis of various types of data with the goal of making effective, data-driven decisions. Data analytics tools and techniques are used to identify, understand, and explain relationships and patterns in data. In this context, presenting and working with the results are important elements that play a significant role in determining the success of data analytics.

Data Analytics is an important pillar in successful Business Intelligence projects and has been an essential part of areto’s portfolio for years. Discover together with us the possibilities and insights hidden in your data. areto helps you to transform existing information into effective knowledge and accompanies you on your way to becoming a “data driven company”.

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"Becoming a data-driven organization requires more than just choosing the right technology platform. It requires new skillsets, new processes, and changes in behavior from all users within your organization. "

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Data Analytics - the Path to a Data-Driven Company?

A data-driven company cannot simply be switched on. It is not simply a matter of using data consistently, but of making the production of data-driven knowledge an integral part of the organization.

This is a subtle difference that always begins with a data analytics strategy that focuses not on IT or the tool, but on the knowledge holders in the organization: your employees, your colleagues. In this way, domain knowledge becomes the fuel for innovation in the organization.

Let us shape this change together – you will experience that data analytics is fun and drives your team. In doing so, areto draws on the extensive expertise that has grown together with our customers over the years.

Expertise in Data Analytics

Business Analysis & Strategy Consulting

We drive change and work with you to develop a future-proof data analytics strategy: from selecting the right data analytics solution, to implementing a rollout plan, to establishing a data analytics competence center.

Managed Self-Service-BI

Today’s data analytics solutions focus on knowledge management. Users should be able to focus on content, perform data analysis efficiently, analyze complex issues with a few clicks, and share results across the organization. This reduces the burden on IT.

Data Governance

Guardrails build trust. We help you chart the course and work with you to develop secure and scalable governance models based on standards, guidelines, and best practices.

Operations & Automation

“Set it and forget it”? What usually doesn’t work in the real world, works with us. If you wish, we can take over the entire operation of your data analytics platforms, from installation to maintenance and operation.


Knowledge belongs in the heads of your employees. We work with you to deliver standard or customized enablement activities. We offer large group training, workshops, and one-on-one coaching on a wide range of topics – online or on-site.

Reporting & Dashboarding

We are specialists in designing and implementing dashboards and reports that are customized to your corporate design. We can also help you set up an enterprise-wide IBCS-compliant reporting system. We have experience with hundreds of dashboards and can help you turn data into knowledge through storytelling.

Big Data Analytics & IoT

The (near real-time) analysis and visualization of big data is still a niche in many cases, but one that we know well by now. This brings with it special challenges in data analytics strategy, query performance and data analytics design. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Mobile Data Analytics

Mobile BI is more than just responsiveness. We build solutions that meet your users’ individual information needs in context (even in near real-time), whether it’s a big screen on the factory floor or a small screen in your pocket. We make your data analysis location independent.

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Data Analytics - What is our approach, what are our standards?

In our analytics projects, we follow the “Think Big – Start Small – Scale Fast” approach. Always keeping the big picture in mind, we break tasks down into small sub-areas that we can implement quickly and sustainably together with our customers. But what does it look like, for example, when a dashboard needs to be created? We use a proven, standardized process that covers everything in one or two iterations, from clarifying the use case, preparing the data, developing information blocks, and extensive testing to final documentation. We use a results-oriented, data-driven approach to deliver results quickly. These lead to a fast ROI and form the basis for the next use cases.

Benefits of Data Analytics

At their core, data-driven companies are characterized by more informed, faster, and more effective decision making. This has many benefits. For example, they are more efficient and productive, which has a positive impact on operating costs. In other words, consistent data analysis saves money. The list of “hard” facts could go on and on (see Forbes “The Global State of Enterprise Analytics”), but there are also “soft” factors that have an impact on business success – data analytics is fun! Employees feel more valued and involved when their analytics and insights are used to make decisions. Especially with the Visual Analytics methodology, data analytics takes on a playful and experimental character that fosters creativity and innovation. Modern analytics tools take this into account and provide the platform to bring previously unknown knowledge to light.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Make faster, more informed decisions

Improve financial performance

Identify new markets and offerings

Increased revenue and faster ROI

Acquire and retain customers

Competitive advantages

Improved Customer Experience

Our Data Analytics Partners

One size does not fit all. Not every tool is right for every customer.

But don’t worry: We can help you choose the right data analytics tool for you and make it work for you.

Enterprise Analytics Platform

Microsoft Power BI
Interactive Data Visualization BI Tools

Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Analytics
with Watson

Search & AI-driven Business Intelligence

Pyramid Analytics
Decision Intelligence Platform

This is what you should look for in a Data-Analytics-Solution

Increase the value of your business intelligence and analytics solutions by:

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The products of traditional BI software vendors usually offer a comprehensive range of functions. However, depending on your requirements, software from a young, innovative niche provider may also be the right choice. We advise you on which platforms and which BI solutions are best suited for your company. areto also supports you in planning, implementing and operating your successful analytics solution.

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Free Consultations & Demo Appointments

Do you have a strategy for your future data analytics solution? Are you already taking advantage of modern cloud platforms and automation? We would be happy to show you examples of how our customers are already using areto’s agile and scalable data analytics solutions.

Workshops / Coachings

Our workshops and coaching sessions provide you with the know-how you need to build a modern data analytics solution. The areto Data Analytics TrainingCenter offers a wide range of learning content.

Proof of Concepts

Which data analytics solution is right for us? Are the conditions right? What requirements must be met? Proof of Concepts (POCs) answer these and other questions so you can make the right investment decisions. This way, you start your project optimally prepared.

Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

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