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With Pyramid Analytics, you put your data strategy at the center. Pyramid Analytics adapts to your needs and works with the existing IT infrastructure.

What Is the Advantage of Pyramid Analytics?

Pyramid Analytics OS is an adaptable analytics platform that provides information and analysis tools individually based on user needs and capabilities while managing all content as a common resource. It thereby offers companies a company-wide analysis solution for all users. With the Pyramid Analytics OS, companies are prepared for the future data and technology challenges of digital transformation.

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Pyramid Analytics is an analytics platform that can be used in any environment and runs on any device. It includes six different analytics modules (Model, Formulate, Discover, Illustrate, Present, and Publish), as well as a management console and content management system to provide a truly universal analytics experience.


Prepare data, use machine learning, and build data models

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Pyramid Analytics’ innovative approach: Business User ETL – a visual point-and-click environment for correcting, preparing and improving simple and mixed data sets.


  • Automatic end-user modeling and data preparation
  • Insert machine learning algorithms into pre-modeling datasets
  • Machine learning marketplace for finding and using existing data science algorithms.
  • In-memory database engine
  • Modeling on the native Pyramid in-memory engine, MS Tabular, many ANSI SQL-compliant databases or a variety of Apache Big Data Engines

Pyramid Analytics empowers IT professionals, BI power users, and data scientists to solve difficult analytical problems with a set of advanced yet easy-to-use tools.


  • Fast query processing for large amounts of data
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop features
  • Attractive visualizations
  • Powerful statistical analysis tools
  • Advanced analytics using a wizard


Interact with models and make new discoveries

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Formulate - Integration of Business Logic

Define business logic, calculations, KPIs, and scripts

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With Pyramid Analytics, users can create custom expressions, lists, KPIs, parameters, scripts, and custom columns with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and then share and manage these new building blocks so that others can use them for their own analysis.


  • Drag&drop creation of expressions, calculations and extended parameters
  • Secure, share, and reuse business logic
  • Dynamic records with branching logic
  • Out-of-the-box aggregates, operators and functions
  • Dynamically data-bound KPIs

With the Pyramid Analytics Illustrate module, users can create visual BI building blocks to build libraries of data-driven illustrations, infographics, and dynamic text that can be shared and reused in presentations and publications.


  • Dynamic infographics
  • Reusable, distributable content for presentations and publications
  • Data-driven dynamic text
  • Composite visualizations (layered SVG and raster images)
  • Custom visual workflows to demonstrate processes

Illustrate - Visualizations

Create data-driven graphics, text, and infographics

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Design presentations and analytical applications for dynamic analysis results

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Pyramid Analytics provides users with tremendous opportunities to create presentations from disparate data sources and guide others through a rich and highly interactive data-driven environment.


  • Robust design control
  • Master Page Support
  • Fully interactive visualizations
  • mobile design
  • Interactions and joint slicing across multiple queries and data sources

The Pyramid Analytics Publish module enables end users to design and create engaging, dynamic, multi-page reports or reports with multiple queries. They use the same platform that they use to prepare data models and perform advanced analysis queries. In conjunction with data-driven planning and distribution, Publish is a modern corporate reporting system.


  • Pixel-perfect reporting
  • State-of-the-art design control
  • Master Page Support
  • Time-controlled distribution of “high capacity” reports
  • Dynamic reporting with secure access

Publish - Reporting

Create company reports and create compelling analytical stories.

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Control every aspect of your Analytics OS deployment

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With Pyramid Analytics, the analytics environment can be tailored to the needs of the business and of each user. Experience true enterprise BI and make data more valuable than ever.


  • Easy scaling
  • Data source management
  • Optimize performance
  • Easy user provisioning and management
  • Universal Visual The

Pyramid Analytics Offers Existing Integrations to

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Our classroom, online, and mobile training courses provide you with the know-how you need to use Pyramid Analytics software productively. The areto Data Analytics TrainingCenter offers a wide range of learning content. We create individual training and coaching sessions for you, effectively preparing your users to work with the BI solutions in your company.

Proof of Concepts

Is Pyramid Analytics right for you? Are the framework conditions suitable for it? What prerequisites need to be created? Proof of Concepts (POCs) aim to answer these and other questions in a short time in order to make the right investment decisions based on in-depth knowledge. With our PoC best practices, you start your project well prepared.

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