ThoughtSpot Cloud

 Fully managed SaaS-Solution

ThoughtSpot Cloud - fully managed SaaS-Solution.

Search your cloud data warehouse in a whole new way. Provide everyone with a google familiar search experience to get instant insights into your cloud data.
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ThoughtSpot Embrace

Query your data live, wherever it resides.
Connect directly to your favorite cloud databases with ThoughtSpot Embrace and get real-time insights in seconds.

Secure your technology leadership position

With ThoughtSpot Cloud, you immediately benefit from all ThoughtSpot innovations. ThougtSpot plans to deliver monthly upgrades and takes care of maintenance for you with ThoughtSpot Cloud, so you can focus on the insights that help you run your business.

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ThoughtSpot SpotApps

Use cases start faster than ever with pre-built SpotApps.
Get analytics tailored to your business needs with low-code templates for the most common business applications.

Get started quickly with personalized onboarding.

Increase solution adoption with interactive onboarding for business users and analysts, creating an immediate “aha” moment for your users.

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ThoughtSpot for B2C marketing analytics
See how ThoughtSpot makes it easy for marketers to tap into their cloud data warehouse to quickly access granular insights so they can focus their efforts on the impact of each campaign.

ThoughtSpot Embrace allows you to search for insights across your cloud and on-premise databases. You simply connect to your data store directly from ThoughtSpot and can start searching without complicated ETL or ELT workflows.

ThoughtSpot Embrace brings Search & AI directly into SAP HANA, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Live queries in your SAP HANA in-memory database give you lightning-fast, granular insights while keeping your data where it is.

Design Any Data Experience You Can Imagine

Embedded relational search

Embed the power of relational search into your portal with ThoughtSpot.

Embedded charts

Personalize your enterprise application with custom charts.

Embedded dashboards

Enable detailed analytics by embedding ThoughtSpot dashboards.

Data APIs

Create a custom analytics portal with ThoughtSpot's data APIs.

Enterprise Scalability with Governance and Security

Unlimited users

We don’t count user licenses – add as many users as you like!



Unlimited data scaling

Easy scalability goes hand in hand with growing data volumes. Automatic load balancing of data and searches across multiple servers guarantees the best performance.


Enterprise-grade row, column, and object-level security for users and groups, including search suggestion protection based on these rules.

Identity and authentication

Access and authenticate with corporate credentials via LDAP and AD integration.



Simple admin interfaces to add user groups or new data sources, as well as view usage analytics or runtime and performance metrics.

High availability

Built-in redundancy to protect against disk or server failures.



Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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