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Source: Gartner [Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms], [James Richardson, Rita Sallam, Kurt Schlegel, Austin Kronz, Julian Sun], [February 11, 2020]


Innovative companies around the world are working with ThoughtSpot. That is because ThoughtSpot gives every employee, whether they are a board member, business analyst or call center agent, the ability to perform search & AI-driven analysis on very large amounts of data in seconds and make confident, data-driven decisions. With ThoughtSpot, enterprise users can enter their questions in a Google-like natural language search to sift through billions of rows of data in seconds. ThoughtSpot’s search & AI-driven analytics help you extract relevant insights from vast, distributed data sets. ThoughtSpot is user-friendly yet powerful enough to handle even the largest, most complex enterprise data without sacrificing speed, security or governance. That is why many companies are using ThoughtSpot to transform their decision-making culture from the ground up. By enabling real-time insights to become part of every conversation and decision, ThoughtSpot is reinventing the role of business intelligence, helping companies become the data-driven company. For the second year in a row, Gartner has named ThoughtSpot a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms.

SpotIQ - AI-driven analytics

The SpotIQ analytics platform is the entry into a new quality of business intelligence solutions (BI 3.0). It combines the simplicity of a search engine with artificial intelligence. Using the powerful search, AI and visualization engines, thousands of queries can be executed and the results processed through dozens of discovery algorithms.

Analytics at massive scale

Using ThoughtSpot’s in-memory mass parallel computing, SpotIQ runs thousands of queries in seconds and provides insights from billions of combinations of data from a wide variety of sources.

Complex algorithms 

Automatically detect anomalies and outliers. Identify relationships between measurements that were previously unknown to you. Discover trends in inaccurate data. Analyze a full data set or clarify in detail the differences between two data points.

Explain new findings in natural language

Spend less time interpreting data and charts. Key insights are communicated in an understandable way so you can make more informed decisions faster.

Human feedback

SpotIQ uses DataRank, ThoughtSpot’s built-in machine learning algorithm, to find related data and learn with each use.

Users can further improve the insights gained with specific feedback to get relevant, reliable and accurate results.

Insights – where and when you need them

Subscribe to insights of particular interest or schedule regular searches. Bring insights directly into your conversations using a bot. Get insights sent to you when you need them most – even on the go.

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SpotIQ Leverages the Capabilities of ThoughtSpot's In-Memory Computation Engine to Run Thousands of Queries across Billions of Rows of Data, as well as Dozens of Algorithms.

Detect anomalies

Identify unusual patterns that do not match expected behavior.

Identify leading indicators

Identify causal relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

Isolate trends

Analyze business data over the long term to identify consistent patterns in inaccurate data.

Segment data

Identify similarities and differences between groups of data.

SearchIQ - Ask questions in natural language

Have a conversation with your data using SearchIQ, ThoughtSpot’s conversational search. SearchIQ offers a whole new search experience that understands a more natural, speech-like search language. In doing so, you can either type your search queries into the search box as you always have or dictate them directly via voice input.

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Analytics everywhere - Design any data experience you can imagine.

With ThoughtSpot’s embedded analytics platform, you can empower every user inside and outside the enterprise to get insights, analyze data, and make better decisions. ThoughtSpot remains affordable even if you want to reach thousands or even millions of users.

Design any Data Experience You Can Imagine.

Embedded relational search

Embed the power of relational search into your portal with ThoughtSpot.

Embedded charts

Personalize your enterprise application with custom charts.

Embedded dashboards

Enable detailed analytics by embedding ThoughtSpot dashboards.

Data APIs

Create a custom analytics portal with ThoughtSpot's data APIs.

Next generation analytics architecture

ThoughtSpot’s analytics architecture: Optimally created from the ground up for search, automated insights, ease of use, scalability, and enterprise governance.

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Relationale Suchmaschine

Relational search engine

ThoughtSpot provides a managed search experience that allows any user to analyze their data in seconds.

ThoughtSpot is easy to use. Use the search to create your own graphs and dashboards in seconds. Expert help and extensive training are not required, even for more complex queries.

Features of the relational search engine:

  • Automatic search index
  • Controlled search suggestion
  • DataRank
  • Search Inspector

SpotIQ AI engine

ThoughtSpot’s integrated artificial intelligence provides reliable, automated insights into your data. However, users remain in the lead. They control and evaluate the machine logic. The knowledge generation process remains transparent and the results relevant, reliable and accurate.

A major advantage of ThoughtSpot is its incredible speed.

Even with hundreds of queries and advanced analytics algorithms for billions of data points from multiple sources, users get the processed analytics and insights in seconds to make data-driven decisions at any time.

Features of the SpotIQ AI engine:

  • Complex algorithms
  • Understandable reports in natural language
  • Feedback loop language
  • Push-based insights
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KI-Engine SpotIQ
In memory Berechnungsengine ThoughtSpot areto consulting 2

BI & visualization server

Automatically generates queries and matching graphics.

ThoughtSpot’s BI & Visualization Server provides intelligent query generation that enables any user to search complex schemas with natural language and 100% accuracy. By automatically selecting and generating the best visualizations for each individual, they prevent data misinterpretation.

Reusable logical data models. With BI & Visualization Server, create shared metadata models on combined data sets, including business logic, to guarantee consistent answers.

Features of the BI & Visualization server:

  • Intelligent query generation
  • Real-time calculations
  • Matching visualizations
  • Worksheets

In-memory calculation engine

Calculations on billions of rows of data in milliseconds.

ThoghtSpot’s in-memory computation engine lets you search billions of rows of data from multiple sources and get answers in seconds.

That is because with ThoughtSpot, you can scrap the constant theme of “performance tuning” for your analytics systems.

No cubes, aggregations, summary tables or data marts are needed to optimize performance. Source data integrity is maintained for flexible analysis at every level.

Analyze all your data together with ThoughtSpot. Acquire data from all enterprise sources – no matter how diverse or large – and collect it into a single, dedicated analytics cache for fast, cross-source query performance.

In-memory compute engine features:

  • Huge parallel processing
  • Optimization of query performance
  • Separation of replication and data
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Cluster Manager ThoughtSpot areto consulting 2
Cluster Manager

Cluster manager

Easily monitor, manage and scale.

ThoughtSpot grows as your usage grows. So you can scale to any amount of data without impacting your user experience. Seamlessly add data and users.

With ThoughtSpot, organizations can be confident that the BI & analytics system is always up and running and the data is secure.

The SpotIQ platform’s proactive monitoring and support allows companies to focus on their own business processes. The intelligent system continuously monitors the integrity of the cluster and repairs itself if necessary, reducing management overhead.

Cluster manager features:

  • Web-scale architecture
  • Integrated fault tolerance
  • System utilization and performance monitoring

Enterprise security and governance

ThoughtSpot’s control mechanisms are designed for large and mid-sized enterprises, ensuring secure, reliable and controlled usage across the enterprise.

Fine-grained permissions for millions of users and hundreds of thousands of security groups ensure that only authorized users have access to the right data sets. Here’s how ThoughtSpot delivers secure access at scale.

ThoughtSpot is your single-point-of-truth. Unified data management via a centralized governance framework for a shared data model.

So your users are always assured of a reliable information base for their decisions. Accurate answers, full transparency and traceability to source data ensure consistent and reliable insights.

Enterprise security and governance features:

  • LDAP and SAML integration
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Object, column, and row level security
  • Data history and auditability
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Cluster Manager
Datenkonnektoren und APIs ThoughtSpot areto consulting 2
Cluster Manager

Data connectors and APIs

With ThoughtSpot, connect to any data at any scale. Access data on-premise or via the cloud. Data from any source from external datasets to enterprise installations to flat files – regardless of the source. This is because ThoughtSpot supports industry-standard connectivity standards. Connect to any data source, or leverage your existing ETL solution via industry-standard ODBC/JDBC interfaces.

Create your own data product.

Create a customized analytics experience using ThoughtSpot’s relational search engine and a comprehensive library of REST-based APIs.

Data connectors and API capabilities:

  • Native or JDBC/ODBC-compatible data connectors.
  • Fast parallel loading
  • REST-based API

Enterprise Scalability with Governance and Security

Unlimited users

We don’t count user licenses – add as many users as you like!



Unlimited data scaling

Easy scalability goes hand in hand with growing data volumes. Automatic load balancing of data and searches across multiple servers guarantees the best performance.



Enterprise-grade row, column, and object-level security for users and groups, including search suggestion protection based on these rules. 


Identity and authentication

Access and authenticate with corporate credentials via LDAP and AD integration.




Simple admin interfaces to add user groups or new data sources, as well as view usage analytics or runtime and performance metrics.

High availability

Built-in redundancy to protect against disk or server failures.



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ThoughtSpot consultation hour

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“AI has the potential to truly transform the banking and insurance industry.”

Dr. Katya Kocourek, Managing Editor
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