Exasol offers a powerful and high-performance in-memory analytics database. With its performance, scalability and ease of use, it can analyze billions of rows in seconds, run high-performance analytics securely in the cloud or on-premises, and perform smooth analyses with self-indexing that automatically optimizes performance.


Exasol is the fastest analytical database in the world.  
In cloud & on-premise 

Exasol - The High-Performance In-Memory Analytics Database

What Are the Advantages?

Exasol has a lot to offer, especially for companies with an on-premises or hybrid data strategy Exasol is an exciting solution. Furthermore, deployment in the cloud is also easily done.

With over 20 years of experience, Exasol has implemented innovative and groundbreaking technological developments with their analytical database.

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Exasol offers a Reduction of TCO
With the flexible licensing methods, there are no hidden costs. Your internal operating costs are also reduced by the tuning-free database technology.

Robust Security
In addition to unmatched performance, Exasol offers excellent security thanks to full encryption.

Unique Architecture
Through the application of various technologies such as In-memory algorithms, MPP (Massively Parallel Processing), column-oriented storage and self-optimization of the Exasol database can achieve very good performance results on the one hand and at the same time greatly reduce the required operating costs.

Flexibility and Scalability
There is no requirement for specific vendors or platforms. In this way, the solution suitable for the given data strategy – local, private cloud, public cloud with the respective provider – can be applied.

Exasol - Big Data Science

With Exasol you can run virtually any programming language directly in the database:

Data science applications benefit from the powerful architecture. Aanalyses are run directly and interactively on huge amounts of data – exactly where the data is located – in the database. R, Java, Python, Lua or virtually any other programming language can be used – whatever is desired.

Execute analytical functions and user defined functions (UDFs) that harness the full potential of the database. With massive parallel processing (MPP), columnar storage, and Exasol in-memory technology, the features work both faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Exasol runs on the platform of your choice
On Cloud or On-Premises

Already have hardware? We will be happy to advise you on how to introduce Exasol On-Premises correctly and future-proof in the company. As a complete package from a single source, we also offer the Exasol solution including hardware as a preconfigured appliance. For fast productive operation on site.
On Cloud, Exasol offers various options – whether the database should be outsourced via ExaCloud or access Exasol via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure – areto is happy to advise on which solution is best suited for your company’s needs.

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Exasol offers sophisticated security features

With Exasol’s sophisticated security features and areto’s best-practice solutions, the IT environment is well prepared for GDPR.

From integration with centralized authentication management services and state-of-the-art data protection methods to fine-grained data access management (row- and column-level security), Exasol offers a wide range of powerful features. In this way, Exasol easily manages to meet the different requirements of the GDPR. We would be happy to show how this was done in our project at Daimler.

Exasol - low investment and operating costs (TCO)

Thanks to the self-optimizing engine, Exasol requires minimal administrative effort. The Exasol database runs on standard servers and is designed to get the most out of the existing hardware. The advantage: high-performance in-memory database at low investment and operating costs (TCO).

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Exasol Architecture

With its unique database architecture, Exasol’s analytical database delivers unmatched analytics performance. This is made possible by the following key features:

  • In-memory algorithms ensure significantly faster access. Exasol is the only analytics database whose core architecture is based on the principle of in-memory processing. Innovative in-memory algorithms enable much faster processing of large amounts of data in main memory.
  • MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) Exasol was developed as a parallel system based on a shared-nothing architecture. Queries are distributed across all nodes of a cluster. This is done using an optimized parallel algorithm that processes the data locally in the main memory of each computer (node).
  • Columnar storage accelerates analysis by reducing the number of I/O operations and the amount of data needed to process it in memory.
  • Tuning-free through self-optimization Intelligent algorithms continuously monitor the use and adapt independently, which optimizes the performance of the system and minimizes the administrative effort. Complex architectures and technical limitations are no longer a headache
  • Plug-in features
    • Virtualization – Virtual schemas and the high-performance data integration framework enable you to link and analyze data from more sources than ever before.
    • Language enhancements – support for R, Python, Java, Lua and the ability to integrate an analytics programming language of your choice – for complex analyses within the database.
    • Security – Robust data security that can be relied upon wherever is stored – with row- or column-level security and data encryption for sensitive information or individual users.
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The core architecture of Exasol, as shown in the screenshot below, includes an easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface – EXAoperation, a cluster management system – EXAClusterOS, which is a Linux derivative, and a storage management module – EXAStorage.

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Exasols Virtual Schemas – Future-Proof Compatibility with All Your Data Sources

Virtual schemas provide a convenient way to leverage the Exasol Analytics database with access to external data sources. Exasol supports more than a dozen different data management technologies, from various relational databases, Hadoop distributions to NoSQL system technologies. Exasol’s virtual schemas are an abstraction layer that exposes external data sources in the Analytics database through regular SQL commands. The best part is that users get transparent access to different data sources very easily. This prevents important information from being lost in data silos.

Exasol Deployment - Hybrid.Cloud.On-Premises

Leverage the unbeatable performance of the Exasol Analytics database wherever it is needed – in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. It has never been easier and more cost-effective to turn business insights into real added value in the shortest possible time.

Exasols Public Cloud Partner

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Four reasons to use Exasol for your cloud or hybrid strategy!


Exasol can be installed and configured in the AWS, AZURE and GCP cloud in three simple steps. The Exasol database is self-optimizing and self-matching. The deployment is fully automatic.

Unmatched performance and robust security
Leverage our unbeatable performance to unleash the companies’ analytical potential, no matter where the work with the data is done – with full encryption.

Transparent costs

With Exasol’s PAYG and BYOL licensing models, there are no nasty surprises and no hidden costs. Whether on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, Exasol pricing is very transparent and competitive.

Flexibility and scalability

The analyses can be performed where it is best suited for the data strategy – on-premises, hybrid or on-cloud. It can be scaled dynamically – vertically as well as horizontally – and perform complex analyses directly in the Exasol database.

Exasol Know-How Video Library

Strategische Entscheidungen schneller treffen - Datavault Builder - Exasol - areto

Data Vault that powers Data Science and Data Governance

Exasol Version 7.0 - What´s new? You will love it!

Exasol - Business Intelligence leicht gemacht mit der All-in-one-Lösung "BI in a Box"

areto presents: Introducing Exasol in 90 seconds

With areto’s Exasol-experts to the data driven company!

Overtake the competition with faster and better decisions!

Find out where your company is currently on its way to becoming a data-driven company.
We analyze the status quo and show what potential exists.

Free preliminary consulting & demo appointments

Do you already have a strategy for your future analysis solution? Are you already taking advantage of modern cloud platforms and automations? We are happy to show you examples of how our customers are already using Exasol’s agile and scalable database.

Workshops / Coachings

In our workshops and coaching sessions, you will receive the necessary know-how for the implementation of an analytical database from Exasol. The areto DWH TrainingCenter offers a wide range of learning content.

Proof of Concepts

Which analytical database is right for you? Are the framework conditions suitable for this? What conditions must be created? Proof of Concepts (POCs) answer these and other questions in order to make the right investment decisions. So you start your project well prepared.

Exasol Version 7 is now available.

Exasol 7.x supports the use of GPU, providing the speed and performance needed to train and retrain AI/machine learning models on large data sets. In addition, such workloads can be run both on-premises and in the cloud.

Modeling in DataVault 2.0 provides fast and flexible responses to changing conditions. In version 7.0, all keys are stored as hashes to avoid dependencies within the model. Thanks to Exasol’s native hash support, data from multiple tables and schemas can also be merged and compared. Among other things, this ensures higher query performance.

In Exasol 7.x, JSON functions are natively integrated into SQL and can be executed directly in the database without the need for user-defined functions (UDFs).

Exasol 7.0 brings a number of new features, including data vault and AI/ML capabilities with GPU support. areto Business Intelligence – expert Andre Dörr introduces you to the most important features and their effects in this webinar recording.

Help for self-help -
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Book a support appointment with one of our IBM Cognos experts!  Fast solutions and best-practice for your specific problems in dealing with the world’s fastest analytical database Exasol!


0,5 hours – 110 € 
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Exasol Consultation Hours

Our Exasol consultation hour offers you the opportunity to receive short-term support with small and large questions. Benefit from the experience of our experts in solving your problem. So you can quickly return to your actual work. 

Oracle Data integrator (ODI) integration with Exasol via BI CONNECT

Areto’s BI CONNECT combines state-of-the-art ETL/ELT technologies with a powerful in-memory solution and shortens the duration of complex evaluations and analyses to a fraction of the usual time. With BI CONNECT, areto offers a solution that can be adapted and expanded very flexibly – both to your current and future requirements.


"areto supported us in the conception, development and successful introduction of our analytical CRM warehouse. With this new BI infrastructure, we are even better able to identify the wishes of our customers and offer tailor-made solutions."

Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

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