Data Warehouse Automation

WhereScape® offers WhereScape® Red and WhereScape® 3D software for building, extending and managing data warehousesdata marts  and  big data solutions. Automation through WhereScape® makes it possible to eliminate manual coding and other repetitive, time-consuming aspects of data infrastructure projects, and deploy data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes, and data marts in days or weeks rather than months or years.  

Faster results

Automate to meet changing business needs in record time. Iterate quickly and deliver results faster.

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Increase productivity

Increase developer productivity fivefold by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

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Inspire and collaborate

Use rapid prototyping to work with stakeholders to meet their information needs faster.

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Increase Your Success in any Type of Data Infrastructure Project with the Automated and Agile Approach of areto and WhereScape®

Data Warehouse

Your single point of truth on the way to becoming a data-driven company

Data Mart

Deliver individually tailored information to users - quickly and automatically.

Data Vault

Easily deploy 2.0-enabled data vaults. This provides security for future changes and growth.


Use the cloud for all or part of your data infrastructure. For high performance and lower costs.

Big Data

Flexible and easy integration of large amounts of data from all data sources of the company.


Integrate streaming data into your data infrastructure to unlock new analytics capabilities.

WhereScape® Red

WhereScape® Red provides an integrated development environment for building, deploying, managing, and renewing data warehouses and big data solutions. WhereScape® Red creates native database objects optimized for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Exasol, Snowflake, SAP Hana, Greenplum, Netezza, Teradata, Microsoft Analytics Platform, and Hadoop and Hive big data environments. Organizations can access source data from different environments and create procedural code, scripts, and tables. In addition, OLAP cubes can be generated, updates can be planned and HTML documentation can be created.

WhereScape® Red’s drag-and-drop approach dramatically reduces the time required to develop, deploy, and manage data infrastructures. Metadata is automatically collected and managed. All the code required to instantiate and populate a DWH project is automatically generated. But that’s not all: WhereScape® Red also automatically generates SQL and other native code for your target platform or big data analytics.

WhereScape® 3D

WhereScape® 3D is a design and planning software for modeling, designing and prototyping data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts. The software combines automatic schema recognition, a metadata repository and a design interface.

With the use of WhereScape® 3D, companies profit from massive time and resource savings. In this way, source systems are automatically analyzed. Source systems and design documentation are created based on metadata information.

WhereScape® DataVault ExpressTM

WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ is designed specifically for Data Vault 2.0 (by Dan Linstedt) and includes the integrated combination of:

  • WhereScape® 3D for Data Vault 2.0, a design tool designed specifically for quickly designing and testing your Data Vault and Analytics projects.
  • WhereScape® RED for Data Vault 2.0, an integrated and customized development environment for rapidly developing, deploying, and operating your data store.
  • Optional streaming features to automatically populate your data store with real-time data, start processing, enrich with existing data, or simply to save the data for future use.
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