DataVault Builder - Business Model Driven Data Integration Platform

Realize your own DWH in a short time. Lay a solid foundation for reports or integrate emerging data in an agile way and deliver results quickly. True WYSIWYG. The modeled logical design is directly translated into a working technical implementation. See and work with the current representation of your DWH.

Your Benefits

Agile development

Quickly deliver initial results and respond to change.

Simplification & rapid development

Easy to develop, operate and maintain.

Full auditability & historization

Track data origins and changes.

Automatic documentation

The model represents the current real implementation.

Use Cases

Mergers and acquisitions, related companies, revenue development, procurement management. In all these cases and many more, some kind of data integration is essential. Datavault Builder supports these use cases both as a tool and through a standardized approach.

Data migration

Permanently transfer data to new targets while ensuring data availability and quality.

Datawarehouse for reporting

Consolidate data to get the whole picture of your business.

Live system integration

Retrieve and feed data from/to disparate systems in real time.

Help for self-help -
areto consultation hours

Book a support appointment with one of our Datavault Builder experts! Quick solution approaches and best-practise to your concrete problems in dealing with the powerful Data Warehouse Automation solution!


0,5 hours – 110 €
1,0 hours – 200 €
2,0 hours – 350 €

Datavault builder consultation

The Datavault Builder consultation hour offers you the possibility to receive support for small and large questions at short notice. Benefit from the experience of our experts in solving your problem. This way you can quickly get back to your actual work.

Use your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

We look forward to hearing from you

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