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VaultSpeed combines automation, data vault modeling, and cloud-native performance to provide secure and fast data warehouse projects.

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What is VaultSpeed?

VaultSpeed is a high-performing data warehouse automation tool. Based on the Data Vault 2.0 standard and the manufacturer’s decade of practical experience in data integration projects, VaultSpeed connects to most CDC, ETL, source, and target technologies. More and more leading global companies are relying on VaultSpeed to simplify the creation and maintenance of their cloud data warehouse. Contact us to learn how you can accelerate your data warehouse development with VaultSpeed’s built-in data integration templates and guided setup. VaultSpeed speeds up the integration of multi-source data and the modelling of Data Vault architectures. By utilizing VaultSpeed’s automation solutions, companies are able to ensure that they have all necessary data for their analyses in a timely manner in order to make informed decisions.

The founders of VaultSpeed, who began in 2019 with the idea that automation should not only encompass the collection of all data in one central location but also the reconciliation of various sources, have created a trusted no-code tool that meets all analytics requirements by simplifying complex processes, speeding up deployment, supporting agile workflows, and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Why VaultSpeed?

No need to write code

VaultSpeed customers do not need to write code for automation to work for their specific data or technologies. VaultSpeed provides a code-free approach to integrating and modeling various data from a variety of sources and technologies, covering 2²²² combinations.

Efficient data loading, history management, change management

The data vault modeling and architecture methodology is becoming the global de facto standard: it facilitates the automation of data warehouses through its unique ability to efficiently load data, manage history, and process changes. In addition, it supports emerging modern data architectures such as data hub and data mesh.

VaultSpeed has an official Data Vault 2.0 certification.

Develop and scale agilely

VaultSpeed is cloud-native, allowing for fast, efficient development and scaling. VaultSpeed is a good choice for companies looking to move their analytics infrastructure to the cloud.

The 7 Steps to Data Warehouse Automation with VaultSpeed

The data vault automation platform VaultSpeed offers unparalleled automation of the design and development of data warehouses.

VaultSpeed is fully compatible with Data Vault 2.0.

Your data is everywhere. VaultSpeed captures metadata from each of your sources to get a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of data. To speed up the process, you can filter objects and attributes.

Integrating data can be complicated. Fortunately, VaultSpeed’s included templates provide integration logic for any possible combination of source, target, CDC, and ETL technologies. All you have to do is set settings.

You don’t have to rebuild your data model from scratch. VaultSpeed provides a consolidated data vault model based on the metadata collected from sources. You can modify this model to better fit your business requirements.

To generate reusable DDL and ETL code automatically, all you have to do is press a button and go get a coffee. The code specifies how the data vault model should be set up and provides instructions for loading data.

VaultSpeed connects to your ETL tool and DWH platform. Then, it sends instructions for building pipelines and creating a data vault model that reflects and is optimized for your company.

VaultSpeed connects to your Airflow, Matillion, or Azure Data Factory scheduler to start loading source data into the data warehouse and making it analysis-ready on the spot.

When new sources are added or technologies are updated, all you have to do with VaultSpeed is adjust parameters and integrate changes into your existing model. You don’t have to start from scratch again.

VaultSpeed - Hybrid Cloud Security

Your data, applications, and infrastructure are protected.

Access to metadata only

Your data is 100% safe. VaultSpeed only requires metadata from your sources, never the actual data values.

Secure Connection

Simplicity is key to security for VaultSpeed. That’s why it provides a separate, secure Java agent that handles all communication between your data infrastructure and the native cloud application VaultSpeed.

Customized security concepts

VaultSpeed can provide customized solutions for customers who need exceptional security, compliance with certain regulations, or role-based access restrictions.

Data Vault Modeling Made Easy

With VaultSpeed, you don’t have to write code.
The templates integrated in VaultSpeed take care of the most tedious aspects of data integration and modeling, so you can focus on fine-tuning your data model the way you want it.

Step-by-step guide

The guided setup of VaultSpeed takes you through each step with easy-to-understand instructions from start to finish. Users must successfully complete a task before moving on to the next one.

VaultSpeed areto step by step guidance
Vaultspeed areto data vault model enforcement

Building data vault model

You can’t go wrong.
VaultSpeed adheres to the Data Vault 2.0 standard and only uses its components to ensure that your physical data model is fully compliant.

Graphical interface

The scope of enterprise-level data models with an ever-increasing number of options can be intimidating. The intuitive graphical interface of VaultSpeed navigates users through this complexity by providing a selection of work areas and configuration of object settings.

Vaultspeed areto grafisches Interface
VaultSpeed areto integration Templates

Ready-made integration templates

The templates of VaultSpeed are the magic ingredient. They contain the code and intelligence to ensure that the data model you want to implement in your data vault meets technical specifications and handles the underlying complexity of the load logic.

Error and exception handling

Users receive a warning if they make modeling and setup errors, avoiding potential pitfalls.

VaultSpeed areto errors exception handling
VaultSpeed areto errors exception handling

Intelligent version management

The intelligent version management of VaultSpeed provides a clear overview of the version history; never lose track of which data vault versions contain which source versions. Always integrate new changes at the right time into your data warehouse.

Test environment

In the test environment, users can test any new combination of technologies and data vault model before going live. This avoids negative impacts on production environments.

vaultspeed areto pre prod testing
vaultspeed areto analytics


With VaultSpeed, you can create virtual views and analysis structures based on the data vault model. Create analytics dashboards with VaultSpeed to make informed decisions.

Your VaultSpeed advantage: When your analysis specifications change, you only need to recreate and load the analysis area with VaultSpeed, while the data vault layer securely collects and stores all the necessary data.

Double automation

Data engineers think in data, business analysts think in models. For VaultSpeed, these are two sides of the same coin. That’s why it offers a dual automation approach that combines data-driven and model-driven automation.

VaultSpeed is an automation tool with an intuitive graphical interface that captures metadata from sources and models data based on rules from the business domain. It also generates the necessary code for integration and modeling, and deploys it to the chosen data infrastructure.

vaultspeed areto analytics

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Why VaultSpeed?

Fully automated data loading

Everything is a repeatable pattern

How to deliver ready-to-use data faster

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