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Azure SQL Database is part of the Azure SQL family and is an always up-to-date relational database service designed for the cloud. It automatically scales to meet the needs of your apps and keeps them running with up to 99.995% availability. Build your next app with the simplicity and flexibility of a fully managed multi-model database.

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What Is Azure SQL?

Azure sql overview

Azure SQL builds on the familiar SQL Server engine so you can easily migrate applications and continue to use the tools, languages, and resources you’re familiar with. Your skills and experience are transferred to the cloud, so you can do even more with the infrastructure you have.

Azure SQL is a family of managed, secure, and intelligent products that leverage the SQL Server database engine in the Azure cloud.

Azure SQL Database: Support modern cloud applications with an intelligent, managed database service that includes serverless computing.

Azure SQL Managed Instance: Custom modernize your existing SQL Server applications with an intelligent, fully managed instance as a service with near 100% feature parity with the SQL Server database engine. Ideal for most migrations to the cloud.

SQL Server on Azure virtual machines: Migrate your SQL Server workloads with lift and shift, and ensure 100% SQL Server compatibility and operating system level access.

Why Azure SQL?

In today’s data-driven world, driving digital transformation increasingly depends on our ability to manage massive amounts of data and realize its potential. But today’s data assets are becoming increasingly complex.

Microsoft’s Azure data platform leverages SQL Server technology and makes it available on disparate on-premises physical machines, in private cloud environments, in third-party hosted private cloud environments, and in the public cloud.

Spend more time innovating and less time patching, updating and backing up your databases. Azure is the only cloud with perpetual SQL Server that automatically applies the latest updates and patches, so your databases are always up to date, avoiding issues due to expiring support. Even complex tasks like performance tuning, high availability, disaster recovery, and backups are automated so you can focus on applications.

Azure SQL Database

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Azure SQL Database is part of the Azure SQL family and is an intelligent, scalable, relational database service built specifically for the cloud. Optimize performance and consistency using automated and always-on AI features. With serverless compute options and hyperscale storage options, resources automatically scale as needed, so you don’t have to worry about storage sizing or resource management and can focus entirely on developing new applications.

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale for your most demanding workloads.

Overcome resource limitations that can impact your application’s performance. Azure SQL Database at Hyperscale tariff adapts to changing needs on the fly by rapidly scaling storage capacity up to 100TB. The flexible cloudnative architecture enables on-demand storage expansion, near-instantaneous backups, and database recovery in minutes – regardless of the size of the data operation.

Azure SQL Database - Automatically Scale Serverless

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Optimize costs with automatically scalable computing resources.

Build modern apps your way with provisioned and serverless computing options. Azure SQL Database – serverless simplifies performance management and provides computing resources that automatically scale to meet workload needs – so developers can focus on faster, more efficient app creation.

The serverless model of SQL Database is ideal for scenarios where usage is unpredictable and irregular: you pay by the second and only for the compute resources you actually use, providing the best value.

Azure SQL Database Reduces Costs

High savings due to optimally balanced total cost of ownership

With Azure SQL Database, you benefit from a very good price/performance ratio.

Leverage the Azure hybrid advantage for SQL Server to get maximum value for your current license investments. Leverage your SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance, and save up to 55 percent compared to paying for SQL Server on a per-use basis.

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Azure SQL Database - Security

Azure SQL Datenbank security portal areto Microsoft Partner
  • Enable tamper-proof, cryptographic verification for your centralized data stores within your database with SQL Database Ledger. No data migration or customization of your application is required.
  • Eliminate potential threats in real time with intelligent threat protection and proactive security risk alerts.
  • Leverage industry-leading multi-layered protection with built-in security controls such as network security, encryption, and access and key management.
  • Benefit from comprehensive compliance coverage for any cloud database service.
  • Protect your data with Always Encrypted technology, where encryption keys are never exposed to the database engine.

The Advantages of Azure SQL Database


A fully managed SQL database automates updates, provisioning, and backups so organizations can focus on application development.


Layers of protection, built-in controls, and intelligent threat detection ensure your data is secure.


Flexible and responsive serverless compute capabilities and hyperscale storage adapt quickly to changing requirements.


Built-in AI features and built-in high availability ensure peak performance and durability with an SLA of up to 99.995 percent.

areto's Microsoft Azure Reference Architecture

areto Microsoft Azure Referenzarchitektur 2

areto’s reference architecture developed offers many advantages.

The use of areto’s reference architecture provides customers with architectural best practices for the development and operation of reliable, secure, efficient and cost-effective systems in the cloud. areto’s architectural solutions are consistently measured against Microsoft best practices in order to deliver the highest benefit to customers.

The areto reference architecture is based on five pillars: operational excellence, safety, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization.

Operational Excellence
Optimal design of operation and monitoring of the systems as well as continuous improvement of supporting processes and procedures

Protection of information, systems, assets, risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies

Cost optimization
Maximizing ROI through the continuous process of improving the system throughout its lifecycle

Ensure security, disaster recovery, business continuity as data is mirrored in multiple redundant locations.

Performance efficiency
Efficient use of computer resources, scalability to meet short-term requirement peaks, sustainability

SAP-Integration with Theobald Software

Xtract IS for Azure ensures seamless integration between the SAP system and the Microsoft Azure SSIS Integration Runtime.

The principle is very simple: develop SSIS packages locally and execute them in the cloud. Incidentally, SAP connectivity is provided by the on-premises version of Xtract IS, which has been proven and tested for years. With the intelligent interface for the Azure cloud, deploying, scheduling and executing SSIS packages becomes very easy and automatic. Best of all, with Xtract IS for Azure, you can develop SSIS packages from scratch or use SSIS packages already created with Xtract IS.

Further information about Theobald Software.

Theobald Software SAP for Azure

Microsoft Azure Workshops / Know-How-Transfer

Are you still at the beginning of your data journey, or are you looking for a digital sparring partner for complex projects? Areto’s workshops, training courses and coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to achieve  inordinate impact without large investment. Whether virtual or on-site, they quickly show you what is possible in your company to generate real added value from data. Together, we develop innovative solutions for your company with which business can get off to a flying start. Benefit from the many years of practical experience of our experts in the fields of data strategydata analyticsdata science, artificial intelligence, data engineering. Quality, which is also reflected in the ISO certification of areto.

Data Platform: 5-Day Strategy Workshop

The path to the cloud is an individual challenge for every company: Success depends on careful preparation: An accurate, realistic assessment of the organization’s status quo state as well as a common understanding of the target and the path required to achieve this.

More information can be found here…

BI Infrastructure Update: 1-week assessment

Together we develop a future-proof and scalable Microsoft Data Platform based on the current challenges. For this purpose, we use the most modern tools from Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Power Platform.

More information can be found here…

On-Premises Cloud Migration: 1-Week Assessment

By migrating an existing on-premises business intelligence system to the cloud, it can be modernized and put on a flexible and scalable platform. The future architecture meets all the requirements of the organization and is verified by a PoC carried out jointly afterwards.

More information can be found here…

Quick-Start Azure Data Factory

Introduction to the Azure Data Factory. As part of this briefing, you can get a brief introduction to the Azure Data Integration Service through an exemplary walk-through of the features and benefits of Azure Data Factory. Finally, an exemplary pipeline based on the areto reference architecture is set up.

More information can be found here…

Quick Start Azure SQL Database

As part of this briefing, you’ll get a brief introduction to Azure SQL Database through an exemplary walk-through of the capabilities and benefits of the database service. Finally, the exemplary structure and configuration of an Azure SQL Database based on the areto reference architecture follows.

More information can be found here…

Quick-Start Azure Data Lake

Introducing Azure Blob Storage: This briefing will give you a walk-through of the features and benefits of an Azure Data Lake (Azure Blob Storage). Finally, the construction and configuration of an exemplary data lake based on the areto reference architecture follows.

Quick-Start Azure Synapse Analytics

As part of this briefing, you can expect a brief introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics through an exemplary walk-through of the features and benefits of this analytics service. Finally, the construction and configuration of an exemplary pipeline and storage in a Synapse SQL database based on the areto reference architecture follows.

More information can be found here…

Azure Data Platform PoC

Planning and implementation of a 1-week proof-of-concept around the introduction and operation of an Azure Data Platform. On the way to a modern data platform. Jointly develop the migration to a modern and scalable Azure Cloud Data Platform.

More information can be found here…

Why Microsoft as a Data Analytics Platform ?

Microsoft has been recognized by Gartner® in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 14th consecutive year.

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