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areto - the big bang of business intelligence.

areto is a fast-growing business intelligence consulting company, specialising in the areas of: Data Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Platforms, Data Automation, Data Warehousing, Data Governance, Data Science, Data Engineering. In short: we live business intelligence and analytics – and we do it holistically.

The areto team consists of consultants, IT experts and data scientists who work throughout the entire German-speaking area. We are united by our passion for exciting, innovative projects and future-proof solutions. What sets us apart from other consultancies? We pride ourselves on being very open-minded, agile and team-oriented – we live for our clients and their projects. Forget the hubris of classic consultancies telling you how to run your business. You know your business and your goals – we help you achieve them. To do so, we offer you a whole range of areto standards and best-practice approaches.

As diverse as our projects are, so are the professional focuses and backgrounds of our employees. Diversity helps to develop a variety of perspectives. We all benefit from different perspectives to get better every day. Our experts have proven in hundreds of successful customer projects that you can also have fun with highly professional consulting and demanding implementations. Fun working with innovative technologies, fun working in a project team with our customers and our partners.

This is also why areto is a respected partner of leading and innovative vendors such as Snowflake, Microsoft, AWS, SAP, IBM, WhereScape, Tableau, Data Virtuality, ThoughtSpot, Matillion, DataVault Builder, dbt, Databricks, Big Eval, Pyramid Analytics, Exasol, Zebra BI, graphomate, Theobald Software. In this way, we always offer our clients the best and most reliable solution to achieve their goals. areto is part of the areto group.

areto – the big bang of business intelligence!



areto consulting gmbh was founded in 2007 by Jan Strackbein. In 2019, Till Sander moved up to areto’s management team and has since then been focusing on the technological direction as well as leading an innovation team to develop new technologies. Together with the areto team, they put their heart and soul in and relish innovation for their customers – to create new value-adding solutions for business intelligence. The secret of success of Jan Strackbein and Till Sander as managing directors of areto lies in their diversity that results in an ideal complementation of their competencies and characters.

areto – the big bang of business intelligence.

Jan Strackbein

Jan Strackbein discovered his talent as a manager at an early age in the context of various charitable activities. Since then, he has consistently pursued this path – both professionally and privately: as head of a swimming department, responsible for the civil protection diving group of the DLRG Siegerland Wittgenstein, as an instructor for operational divers and last but not least as CEO of areto.

After completing his computer science studies in Siegen, he encountered the topic of business intelligence rather by chance during his first job. This ignited his interest. What fascinates him most about BI is not pure programming but the logical, constantly changing technical and business contexts. After several years with his first employer, in which he had taken over the team management at an early stage, it was time for new challenges and therefore, he co-founded areto.

If you ask his employees, above all, Jan Strackbein’s strengths lie in the organization, planning and keeping track of complex projects. His ability to motivate and inspire people proves to be a big plus.

Till Sander

Till Sander has almost 20 years of experience as a manager and solution architect for technology and consulting companies. Prior to areto, he worked as a Solution Manager at various consulting companies. As Chief Technical Officer (CTO), he brings his many years of expertise in the conception and development of business intelligence solutions to management. On this basis, he continues to drive forward the establishment and expansion of areto consulting gmbh, the evaluation of new software products and the further development of existing service offerings and consulting services. He proves his perseverance and his will to always achieve the optimum, not only in customer projects but also as a passionate racing cyclist. You can find more information here: https://tillsander.wordpress.com/ 

areto Team

We are not like 
any other 

We are cool guys – usually without suit and briefcase – who are passionate about the projects with our customers, always in the mood for new exciting topics and wanting to be one step ahead!

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areto group

By joining our group forces, we’ll offer an expanded service portfolio, greater expertise, and an increased global presence. Our unified team will tackle complex Data Analytics challenges, provide innovative solutions, and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

areto – the big bang of business intelligence!


  • Founding of areto

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    Founding of areto on 21.12.2007 by Jan Strackbein. Partnership with Oracle.

  • areto moves into Carlswerk

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    areto grows rapidly and now operates with its own sales team. areto becomes a partner of Exasol and is present at numerous exhibitions for the first time.

  • areto opens a branch office in Hamburg

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    areto opens a new office in the Hafencity, becomes a partner of SAP and receives a major project from a well-known trading company.

  • areto Data Science / Data Analytics

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    areto opens a branch office in Nuremberg. Massive build-up of the Data Science division. Start of collaboration with Tableau.

  • Numerous major orders for areto

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    areto celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and receives several major projects from automotive companies and banks.

  • New all-in-one BI in a Box solutions

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    areto launches an in-house developed all-in-one solution and becomes Exasol Elite Partner and partner of Snowflake.

  • > 100 BI Specialists

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    areto becomes a partner of Wherescape, DataVault Builder, Data Virtuality, Scalefree, and IBM, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Till Sander moves up to the management team.

  • Expansion of Partnerships

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    Expanding portfolios through new partnerships with Thoughtspot, Matillion, Alteryx, Alation, Birst, Theobald, Pyramid Analytics and AWS.

  • areto – you must be 11 friends!

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    Partnership with Zebra BI, graphomate, databricks and “Sports Analytics” project at DFB.

  • areto Group

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    Founding of the areto group, otamo gmbh and Partnership with Vaultspeed

  • Passio Consulting

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    Passio Consulting joins areto group. New Partnership with dataspot.

Certified Quality

We are ISO 9001 certified.

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most important standard in quality management (QM) nationally and internationally. For us, certification according to ISO 9001 is above all the basis for the continuous improvement process of the company’s internal quality management system (QMS).

areto - agile and remote. Even in times of Covid-19 always there for our customers: