Snowflake’s modern approach to working with transactional and analytical data together on a single platform.

Snowflake Unistore

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What Is Snowflake Unistore?

Snowflake Unistore is a single point of truth in the cloud for all your transactional and analytics data.

Why Snowflake Unistore?

Breaking down heterogeneous data silos to leverage information within them with modern approaches to data management and analytics is one of the big challenges that organisations are facing today.

With Snowflake Unistore, you can break down the barriers between transactional and analytical data. Your users can now build transactional business applications directly on Snowflake, perform real-time analytical queries on their transactional data, and take a unified approach to governance and security.


Single Data Set

With Snowflake Unistore, you act on transactional data immediately, develop better customer experiences and gain new insights. Snowflake Unistore allows you to integrate transactional and analytical data into a single data set.

Transactional App Development

Snowflake Unistore enables you to build enterprise transactional apps with the simplicity, performance, ease and virtually unlimited scalability that the Snowflake Data Cloud offers.

Fully Managed Service Layer

Eliminate data movement and stop managing redundant data sets with Snowflake Unistore. Snowflake Unistore helps you take a unified approach to data governance and security by simplifying and standardizing architectures on one platform – the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Features Snowflake Unistore

areto Snowflake Unistore Hybrid Tables


Hybrid Tables, currently in private preview, are a new Snowflake table type to power Unistore with fast, single-row operations. That means teams can build transactional business apps directly on Snowflake with Snowflake Unistore.

  • Required primary keys and unique constraints enforced
  • Indexes for accelerated lookup
  • Primary key and foreign key relationships with referential integrity constraints


With Snowflake Unistore, you can run fast, analytical queries on transactional and historical data for immediate context:

  • Get powerful insights with Snowflake Unistore by running analytics on transactions as they happen
  • In Snowflake Unistore, you merge data—from existing Snowflake tables, data from Snowflake Marketplace, or data shared from other teams—for actionable, near real-time insights
  • Run analytical scans directly on data for holistic, end-to-end views with Snowflake Unistore
areto Snowflake Unistore analytics for transactional data
areto Snowflake Unistore all in the data cloud


The greatest feature of Unistore? It’s all in Snowflake. Which means:

  • Snowflake Unistore offers consistently enforced data governance and security controls
  • True cloud performance at scale with Snowflake’s elastic performance engine in Snowflake Unistore
  • No need to manage infrastructure, query tuning, updates, or data continuity with Snowflake Unistore
  • Snowflake Unistore benefits from seamless integration with data shared across clouds and regions, without having to copy or move data

Die Snowflake Unistore - Solution Brief

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