Analytics solutions such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing offer new approaches for sports analytics and therefore for innovations in sports, sports management and sports marketing. National teams, leagues, broadcasters and marketing agencies are already using these technologies today. Sports Analytics helps players train more effectively, provide fans with individual statistics and image content, monetize existing fan contacts and much more.

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics - After the Game, Is Before the Game, Is in the Game!

Why Sports Analytics ?

Sports analytics was first seen in high-tech sports like Formula One. Meanwhile, the analysis of performance data of individual players and teams in many other sports plays an important role in success. The  expectations and involvement of the fans are also increasing – from extensive statistics to individual camera perspectives. In this way, the analysis and preparation of data has become a billion-dollar business. 

Together with our technology partners such as Exasol  and AWS, areto delivers sports analytics solutions that make associations, leagues, teams as well as individual athletes and marketers more successful. From the evaluation of videos and (sensor) data, the analysis of individual athletes’ performance data of in near real time, to training management and talent scouting 

What Are the Benefits of Sports Analytics?

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For sports analytics, there is an infinite variety of meaningful Use Cases. For example, the analysis of big data with sports analytics solutions helps with training control. For this purpose, many successful clubs record the training sessions via video and use sensors to record data on the physical performance and fitness status of the players. The risk of injury can be reduced and the retrieval of top performance can be increased by comparing the data on injuries / high performance of athletes with data on the scope of training and the number of training sessions / games Here, training and nutrition programs can be optimized through Sports Analytics.

Sports analytics also significantly changes the talent search, i.e. the scouting for football clubs. The talent scouts of the clubs combine their subjective impression and experience with the analysis of player profiles provided by Sports Analytics, which include extensive statistical data and performance values: mileage, goals, average speed, pass rate, duels, fouls, etc. Sports Analytics also helps predict the development of young talent via predictive analytics methods based on recurring patterns and trends over the course of professional careers.

Sports Analytics with AWS

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In football, AWS services for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, database administration, and storage are used to provide real-time statistics to predict future matches and game outcomes, and to recommend personalized game footage to fans for mobile, online, streaming, and television broadcasts.

Engaging fans via Sports Analytics

With AWS’ offering of cloud services, including machine learning and analytics, to generate advanced match statistics, football fans around the world have access to a unique combination of advanced real-time statistics and game analytics.

Sports Analytics - Partnership between DFB and Exasol

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Our partner Exasol is a new partner of the German Football Association (DFB). The cooperation includes a cooperation with the national team, women’s national team and U 21 national team as well as the DFB Academy. The partnership also opens up new opportunities for the DFB to benefit from Exasol’s innovative database solution in the field of data analysis.

“In order to remain at the forefront of international competition, we need strong partners“, said Oliver Bierhoff, DFB Director of National Teams and Academy.For us, data analysis and business intelligence are a key to further innovation. With Exasol, we now have another company at our side that has a high degree of technological expertise.”

Aaron Auld, CEO of Exasol, said: “This partnership means a lot to us. We believe the future of sports lies in combining human creativity and experience with powerful data insights. “

Future Football Analytics 

Joint Project of DFB, Exasol and areto

With the cooperation between the DFB, Exasol and areto, a football information system is being implemented that not only anchors top-class sport in Germany at the top of the world with new discoveries, but also supports amateur football. As part of the Master Plan 2024, the new insights are intended to help ensure the sustainable further development of a comprehensive and efficient amateur and grassroots football. In times of the corona crisis and in view of its effects, which cannot yet be fully assessed, the master plan is more important than ever. Amateur clubs with their active members, and their supporting, as well as their members, form an essential foundation of many communities and are a platform for social cohesion.

Sports Analytics - Reporting and Analytics through Leading Analytics Solutions

Top software for top athletes: Sports Analytics with market-leading business intelligence tools such as Tableau, MS Power BI, Pyramid Analytics, IBM Cognos, ThoughtSpot and SAP BI. Thus, teams, leagues and organizations are also ideally positioned for the analysis and visualization of sports analytics data.

With the areto Sports Analytics experts to the best performance! 

Sporting Success and Optimal Design of Business Processes through Faster and Better Decisions with Sports Analytics!

Find out with Sports Analytics from areto how you can make better use of existing information, make better use of broadcast products and new distribution channels and improve business processes. We analyze the status quo and show you what potential exists. How do you want to get started?

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Do you already have a strategy for your future sports analytics solution? Are you already taking advantage of modern cloud platforms and automation? We would be happy to show you examples of how our customers are already using areto’s agile and scalable sports analytics solutions.

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In our sports analytics workshops and coaching sessions, you will receive the necessary know-how to build a modern cloud strategy. The areto Sports Analytics Training Center offers a wide range of learning content.

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Which sports analytics architecture is right for us? Are the framework conditions suitable for this? What conditions must be created? Proof of Concepts (POCs) answer these and other questions. So you start your project well prepared.

Sports Analytics - Beat the Bookie

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Beat the Bookie – the blog from our colleague André Doerr

After almost 5 years of sports betting without any profit, André began to read some articles about sports betting. He quickly realized that he had no chance of beating the bookmaker and making a profit without performing a statistical analysis.

As a DWH architect and certified Data Vault 2.0 practitioner, he has developed a concept for an analysis system that automates all these statistical tasks.

In his blog, he shows ways to build such an analytical system. He explains the technical part of how to collect, model and analyze data from the web – and takes a look at different aspects of sports betting and what predictive models could be used, “to beat the bookie”.


Automate your betting models with AWS

How does my typical betting weekend look like, when I start ckecking, whether there are some interesting matches? I start my laptop, open the browser, start my Python program, start the database and after some minutes, I am able to start my data prcoessing, which collects all the data and calculates the predictions. That’s already great, but wouldn’t it be even better to have all predictions always already up-to-date? This blog will show you how to setup and run a small automated data pipeline in AWS, which extracts all stats from

Read more…

Our Sports Analytics Youngster: "fifa.laser" and "Das Wunder von Blog"

In the blog of our young talent Yannis everything revolves around the round leather: Who plays when, against whom and why. Matches are commented on, players introduced, backgrounds mentioned. The enthusiasm for soccer, the players and the happenings in the European top leagues is evident in the contributions. He himself has been active as a player in club soccer since the age of 5.

On the Instagram profile  fifa.laser our areto-family youngster (Julika, 14 years) is on her way to become one of the best FIFA Instagram Influencers. Already 15K followers are eagerly following new player comparisons, competitions and much more…

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