Analytic Process Automation

The Alteryx APA Platform™ provides hundreds of automation modules for data preparation and merging, diagnostic and predictive analytics, AutoML, and code-free data science.


Analytic Process Automation (APA) is a technology that enables anyone in the enterprise to effortlessly share data, automate time-consuming and complex processes, and turn data into results. APA brings together three cornerstones of automation and digital transformation: The democratization of data and analytics, business process automation, and workforce education and training. Alteryx’s Analytic Process Automation provides all the functionality in a single solution, enabling organizations to achieve end-to-end automation with a cost-effective, agile approach.

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How Does Analytic Process Automation Work?

Analytic Process Automation delivers the answer in a unified platform that provides automation capabilities for all analytic functions (diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and spatial analytics), combining code-free data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and business process automation into one solution. Most importantly, these functionalities are available to everyone in your organization.

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What Are the Benefits of APA?


A prerequisite of a company’s digital transformation is to make the relevant information more accessible to each user. This starts with improved access to data sources and continues with saving time in collecting and preparing data for analysis, and ends with visual, easy-to-understand presentation of analysis results.

Analytic Process Automation democratizes data and analytics through easier self-service access to data, analytics, data science, process optimization, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) without requiring users to have specialized skills.

Without APA

  • Missing amount of time that analysts have to spend searching for data
  • High number of data sources accessed
  • Number of tools used to perform data activities is too high
  • Many “gut decisions” and uncertainty as to whether all the data needed was considered in the decision

Source: IDC

Solution provided by APA

  1. Simplify self-service analytics, data science, AI and ML using hundreds of code-free automation modules
  2. Extending information distribution across the enterprise without requiring recipients to have specialized knowledge
  3. Realization of faster successes through the insights provided by diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics results


Analytic Process Automation overcomes barriers by intelligently automating recurring and complex analytic processes, some of which once required specialized skills such as programming or a data analytics background. This frees staff from manual handoffs and streamlines an entire data-driven process from data logistics, analytics and data science steps to automated results in applications, BI dashboards and preferred output formats for respective stakeholders.

Without APA

  • Lack of time for strategic tasks as analysts spend significant time preparing data
  • 57% of business decision makers report significant challenges in using data for decision making
  • Problems due to competence gaps: Lack of creative and analytical thinking; analytical/statistical skills

Source: IDC, Forrester, EMA

Solution provided by APA

  1. APA enables intelligent automation of business processes and workflows through hundreds of automation modules
  2. Automate recurring and complex analytical processes and free employees from manual data processes
  3. Accelerating information gathering and the resulting decisions


Human capital is a company’s biggest investment. Studies show the performance increases that can be realized by training and developing employees at all levels.

Analytic Process Automation enables the building of an analytics culture within the organization by engaging all employees with a human-centric self-service platform. It provides all employees with the ability to perform and act upon diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Ultimately, the goal is not just to gain new insights, but to make them available to all relevant employees to drive better results.

Without APA

  • Slow response time to inquiries
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Companies without a data culture

Source: IDC

Solution provided by APA

  1. Engage all employees using a self-service platform focused on the individual user
  2. Improve work results and continuously educate employees
  3. Introduction of an analysis culture within the company

Start your Digital Transformation with
Analytic Process Automation

To digitally transform your business, you need to align your tools, data, processes and people.

Analytic Process Automation helps organizations break down data silos, democratize the use of your data, automate using workflows, and deliver information through a single platform.

As a result, you can quickly achieve efficiencies, revenue growth, increased return on sales, and rapid training and development of your workforce.

Making SAP data usable for Alteryx with Theobald Software

With Xtract Universal, Alteryx users can access SAP data quickly, reliably and easily.

And this without long development times due to the high degree of automation. As a stand-alone solution from Theobald Software, Xtract Universal is independent of existing ETL or data warehouse solutions. It fits seamlessly into existing concepts and solutions for data integration. Different SAP connectors enable access to relevant SAP data, regardless of where it is located or in which format it is available. More about Theobald Software.

Seamless Integration between SAP and Alteryx

How to Start?

Free consulting & demo appointments

Do you already have a strategy for your future APA solution? Are you already taking advantage of modern APA platforms? Join us to learn how to develop a strategy for implementing an APA solution and how organizations are already using Alteryx’s solution.

Training / Courses

Get the know-how you need to use your APA software productively in our classroom, online, and mobile training courses. The areto TrainingCenter offers a wide range of learning content. We create individual training and coaching sessions for you, effectively preparing your users to work with Alteryx solutions in your company.

Proof of Concepts

Is an APA platform right for you? Are the framework conditions suitable? What requirements need to be met? Proof of Concepts (POCs) aim to answer these and other questions in a short period of time, so that you can then make the right investment decisions based on more in-depth knowledge. With our PoC best practices you start your project well prepared.

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