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Building predictive models is hard work.

Deploying them shouldn’t be.

Accelerated Model Deployment

Deploying predictive models can be error-prone and labor-intensive, taking weeks or even months-and costing organizations tens to hundreds of thousands of euros. This results in unnecessary costs and significant untapped potential for the business.

Alteryx Promote helps analytics departments deploy more predictive models faster without having to reprogram models for real-time applications. Data Scientists can deploy their custom R and Python models quickly and unmodified, while Citizen Data Scientists can deploy advanced analytics from Alteryx Designer code-free. This provides the flexibility and reliability needed to take your analytics to a new level.


Put more analytics models into production faster with fewer resources. Alteryx Promote simplifies model deployment and is suitable for all your real-time needs.

Code-friendly model deployment
Data Scientists can rapidly deploy their own R and Python models without time-consuming recoding, with the choice to also use their existing libraries at any time.

Code-free model deployment
For Citizen Data Scientists, Alteryx Promote offers a code-free option for deploying advanced analytics from Alteryx Designer – providing a pre-built and automated solution.

Application ready
Using standard REST APIs and provided code snippets for Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Salesforce, and Node.js, models can be easily embedded into your real-time applications.

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Deploy new models at any time, revise existing models, and scale performance and availability through a single deployment process to improve business performance.

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Model management
Manage the entire deployment process from test to production, including module testing, more easily and without impacting existing models in production applications.

Model versioning
Reliably manage multiple versions and perform rollbacks seamlessly with Alteryx Promote’s version control and tracking. This saves time and resources across all your teams.

Maximize availability
Quickly configure model replicas for scaling and failover to ensure maximum availability of your mission-critical applications that depend on them.


Monitor the health, performance, and availability of your predictive models so your organization can make the most of analytics results.

Model performance
Gain insight into your models’ resource utilization, response times, and demand and performance history with real-time dashboards and integrated visual analytics.

System health overview
Monitor system resources, including CPU, memory, and disk usage, for all connected servers from a centralized view.

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Technical Data

System requirements

Computer requirements Required: 64-bit. 32-bit is not supported
Operating system requirementsLinux CentOS 7
CPUQuad Core** (Single-CPU)
Processor2,5 GHz or faster
Hard disk capacity100 GB

**Alteryx Promote requires at least three dedicated Quad Core servers

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