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What Is Tableau?

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Tableau is the market-leading data analytics platform for modern business intelligence. Tableau makes it easy to manage, explore, visualise and analyse data. Tableau transforms data into insights – so you can make fast, informed decisions.

Tableau helps users make their data visible and understandable. That’s why Tableau’s products always put the user first, whether analyst, data scientist, executive or business user. From connection to collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics platform.

The Tableau Plattform - Features

Tableau can quickly and easily connect to a variety of data sources. These include traditional databases, cloud storage solutions, as well as Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets and CSV files. One of Tableau’s greatest strengths is the wide range of visualisation options. From simple bar charts to complex statistical analyses, almost anything is possible. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, most analyses in Tableau are just a few mouse clicks away.

The vibrant Tableau Community is unique in the world. With more than one million registered users, the community has an answer to almost every question.

Via Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, users can share the insights they have gained with their colleagues in the form of dashboards or views. The versatile collaboration options on the platform allow your entire team to work together even more effectively.

Data Management

Collaboration Platform

Visual Analytics


Data Storytelling

End to End Solution

Connection to a Wide Range of Data Sources

Easy of Use &
interactive UX

High Scalability

Tableau Community

areto Partner von Tableau Platform

Tableau Products

areto Partner Tableau analytics cloud

Tableau Cloud
Analytics for anyone, anywhere

areto Partner Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop
Real-time insights for decision-making

areto Partner Tableau Server

Tableau Server
Governance and self-service analytics on a grand scale

areto Partner Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep
Combine, format, and prepare data in the blink of an eye

areto Partner Tableau data management

Tableau Data Management
Explore and connect trusted analytics data

areto Partner Tableau cloud

Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is the new Tableau Online. With Tableau Cloud, you use a fully hosted cloud-based and enterprise-ready solution on the world’s leading analytics platform. A fast, flexible and easy-to-use self-service platform that adapts to your enterprise architecture, Tableau Cloud optimizes the use of data. So you make fast, informed decisions anywhere, anytime with Tableau.  Prepare, analyze and collaborate with Tableau by sharing insights in Tableau Cloud

Promote faster and smarter decisions

With Tableau Cloud, you ensure confident decision-making. Through Tableau, harness the potential of your data with smart tools like Data Stories, “Ask Data” and “Explain Data”. With Tableau Cloud, you save time and simplify data analytics for all users by adding easy-to-understand narratives called data stories that are automatically generated to dashboards. With Tableau Cloud, you can explore data and get answers to key business questions in natural language through “Ask Data”. “Explain Data” allows users to explore the “why” behind AI-powered insights to deepen their knowledge.

areto Partner Tableau Data Story
areto Partner Tableau cloud smarter decision

Embed analytics directly into your apps and products!

Turn insights into practical action right in your workflow. With Tableau for Slack, you can use a digital hub for analytics, embed data into every conversation, and gain data-driven insights anywhere. With embedded analytics, you can seamlessly embed data or insights into your products and applications. This is how Tableau supports your employees as well as customers with data-driven insights.

areto Partner Tableau cloud innovation

Scale quickly with the easy-to-use and secure Tableau Cloud

Integrate analytics comprehensively into your enterprise architecture and drive digital transformation. No more configuring servers, managing software upgrades or scaling hardware capacity. This saves time and money. Drive teamwork by discovering, sharing and exploring data and fostering collaboration in Tableau Cloud. Easily create and scale data analytics while controlling Tableau Cloud with easy-to-use security features.

areto Partner Tableau cloud secure

You can trust your data!

Central governance, transparency and control measures ensure that your data is only available to authorized users through simple, automatic authentication and permission management. Integrate Tableau Cloud using Single Sign-On (SSO) or with your identity provider. Monitor data usage in a single environment to ensure compliance. Leverage an up-to-date infrastructure with industry-leading security and certification standards such as SOCII and ISO. With data management built into the Tableau platform, trusted data can be scaled in a simple and repeatable way.

areto Partner Tableau Desktop 2

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop provides everything you need to access, visualise and analyse data. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can reveal hidden insights to make important business decisions faster – even when you’re offline. With Tableau Desktop, trusted and controlled data is available in a secure self-service environment.

Real-time data exploration support

Through real-time visual analytics, Tableau Desktop extends an invitation to unlimited data exploration. Connect to data in on-premises data sources or in the cloud, whether it’s Big Data, a SQL database, a spreadsheet or a cloud application like Salesforce. With Tableau Desktop, you combine and prepare data without writing code. Tableau Desktop quickly creates powerful calculations based on the data you have. With Tableau Desktop’s help, you ask new questions, identify trends, spot business opportunities and make viable data-driven decisions.

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areto Tableau Partner Ask Data

Faster, more detailed insights

Advanced tools with an intuitive user experience like Tableau enable all employees, regardless of their technical skill level, to make smarter decisions directly in the analytics workflow. For example, with advanced analytics, data analysts can create complex calculations for comprehensive analysis. Augmented analytics powered by AI and ML enables business users to get answers to their questions and gain insights faster using statistics, natural language, and intelligent data preparation.

areto Partner Tableau Desktop Sharing

Secure sharing and collaboration

Connect Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud to securely share analytics and insights. Tableau provides a controllable as well as flexible environment where teams can share their work results and collaborate based on trusted data. With Slack integration, you can set notifications for data-driven alerts, access AI predictions, and use analytics for team collaboration to drive business – for departments as well as the entire organization.

areto Partner Tableau Desktop SmarterDecision

Promoting smarter decisions

Transparent AI built into the Tableau platform enables the democratization of predictive model building. Employees with business backgrounds can make smarter decisions faster using what-if scenario planning, guided model building, AI-assisted predictions and other data science techniques. Data scientists have the ability to incorporate and visualize results from R, Python, Einstein Discovery, MATLAB and other extensions to deliver models across the enterprise.

areto Partner Tableau Server Campaigns

Tableau Server

Data for all – in an accountable way

With Tableau Server, you extend the value of your data throughout your organization. Empower your employees to explore data on their own in a trusted environment – without being limited to predefined questions, assistants, or chart types. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data and analytics are under control, secure and error-free. IT organizations love Tableau for its ease of deployment, robust integration, straightforward scalability, and excellent reliability. With Tableau, business departments’ desire for autonomous analytics can finally be reconciled with data protection.

Deploy with unrivalled flexibility

Integrate analytics extensively into your enterprise architecture to leverage existing technology investments. Deploy locally or in a public cloud and configure servers, manage software upgrades, and customize hardware capacity to meet your needs. Connect to any data and foster teamwork by enabling your employees to discover, share, collaborate and explore data using a mobile device, tablet, or computer. Develop, scale, and manage mission-critical analytics with Tableau Advanced Management for improved scalability, efficiency, and security. Monitor usage more efficiently in a single environment to ensure compliance.

areto Partner Tableau Server gif
areto Partner Tableau Server Deliver

Deliver trusted data

Centralized governance, visibility and control measures ensure your data is only available to authorized employees through simple, automatic authentication and permissions management. Integrate Tableau Cloud using single sign-on (SSO) or with your identity provider. Curate, publish and share your data sources as live connections or encrypted extracts for general use. Tableau Data Management is built directly into the platform and allows you to scale trusted data in a simple, repeatable way using Tableau Catalog, Tableau Prep Conductor, and virtual connections.

areto Partner Tableau Server integrated

Integrate data insights directly into workflow

Turn insights into practical actions directly in the workflow. Using Tableau for Slack, you can leverage a digital hub for analytics, embed data into every conversation, and gain data-driven insights anywhere. With embedded analytics, you can seamlessly embed data and insights into your products and applications and empower your users and customers with data-driven insights. Get started with analytics with accelerators, connectors, extensions and more.

areto Partner Tableau Server drive

Drive faster and smarter decisions

Ensure confident decision making and unlock the potential of your data with industry-leading AI. Gain time and simplify analytics for everyone by adding automatically generated plain language narratives, called data stories, to dashboards. Explore data and discover answers to key business questions in natural language with Ask the Data. Explore the “why” behind AI-powered insights with Explain the Data for deeper exploration. Structure your use of data with Tableau Blueprint on the path to a data-driven business.

areto Partner Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep Builder

Self-service data preparation

Tableau Prep Builder provides an advanced data preparation solution that makes it easier and faster to combine, format and prepare data for analysis in Tableau. By providing direct visual access to prepare data, quality data is available in just a few clicks.

A complete picture of your data

Three coordinated views show your data in familiar row views, profiles for each column and your entire data preparation process. Which view to interact with depends on the task at hand.

areto Partner Tableau Prep gif
areto Partner Tableau Prep connect

Connect to more data

Connect to data in local data sources or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. Access, combine and prepare disparate data without programming. Tableau Prep Builder automatically moves operations to the database when possible. This allows you to use your existing databases for fast scheme execution.

areto Partner Tableau Prep open

Continue your analysis without interruption

Tableau Desktop makes it easy to open your results or share them with others via Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud. Easy sharing reduces friction and closes the gap between data preparation and analytics to drive better business results.

areto Partner Tableau Prep results

Instant results

Select a value to edit it directly. When you change your link type, you immediately see the result. With every action, the result is immediately visible, even with millions of rows of data With Tableau Prep Builder, you have the flexibility to reassemble steps and experiment without negative consequences.

Tableau Data Management

Tableau Data Management helps you deliver reliable self-service analytics by scaling data automation and operationalization across the data and analytics lifecycle. Extend the governance and security capabilities of the platform by bringing together intelligent data schemas, preparation, and catalogue creation to make it easier to explore, understand, connect and trust all data.

areto Partner Tableau catalog lineage

Deliver high-quality data with Tableau Catalog

The native analytics catalogue Tableau Catalog provides a complete view of your data resources and origins, and provides contextual metadata for rapid data discovery. The focus is on improving decision making. To do this, details about data, including data quality notes, are displayed directly as the data is used.

Provide up-to-date data at any time with Tableau Prep Conductor

Tableau Prep Conductor provides an environment that makes prepared and immediately applicable data available to everyone. Automate the scheduling, monitoring and management of data schemas to ensure up-to-date data is always available for analysis.

areto Partner Tableau UI Prep Conductor
areto Partner Tableau Governance

Redesign data governance with virtual connections

Virtual connections are a prerequisite for easy sharing of secure data in Tableau. Ensure applicable data throughout the lifecycle with consistent policies across all forms of usage to ensure it is available as required. This is especially relevant for sensitive data.

Why areto for Your Tableau Projects?

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Data Modelling

Analysis of raw data, preparation, and modelling of data sources for Tableau


Set up of Tableau infrastructure


Administration of Tableau Server, management of licences and permissions


Development of visualizations and dashboards


Onboarding for new users, organization of training and workshops


Performance optimization, best practice dashboards and UX design

Making SAP data usable for Tableau with Theobald Software

With Xtract Universal, Tableau users can access SAP data quickly, reliably, and easily.

And this is possible without long development times due to the high degree of automation. As a stand-alone solution from Theobald Software, Xtract Universal is independent of existing ETL or data warehouse solutions. It fits seamlessly into existing concepts and solutions for data integration. Different SAP connectors allow access to relevant SAP data, regardless of where it is located or in which format it is available. More about Theobald Software.

Connecting SAP and Tableau

areto Visualization and Analytics Tableau AWS Financial

Data Visualization and Analytics for Financial Services Organizations

With Tableau, you can visualize and analyze data from multiple touchpoints, such as credit card purchases, mortgages or call center activity. As a robust visual analytics platform, Tableau provides a consolidated 360-degree view of your data across all business units. Internal teams but also customers can find all the information they need in one place via the Tableau platform. Clients can also access a personalized view of the accounts in their portfolio, for example. More…

Data Is Changing the Customer Experience in Banking

In our digitized world, customers expect consistent, seamless, and personalized omnichannel experiences from their bank that are even fun. Whether your customers come into the branch or use an app, your business needs to be able to anticipate and analyze their needs in advance. However, this can only be achieved if you understand your data. If you use data wisely to redefine customer segments, target the right markets and offer relevant products at the right time, you can create new opportunities, generate additional revenue streams, and increase the value of every customer. More…

Tableau Kundenerlebnis im Bankwesen areto

Tableau Community

Over one million active, multi-disciplined and engaged members inspire and support each other on community forums, in more than 500 global user groups, and at events like the annual Tableau Conference.

Click here to join the Tableau Community!

Tableau Dashboard Use Cases

Soccer Analytics - How to read the game

When you’re sitting in front of the TV cheering on your favorite team, analyzing the game is usually pretty easy: emotions tend to set the pace. But teaching a computer to analyze soccer games and present reliable results is a complex challenge. Which team had more control of the ball, and more importantly, who made the most of it? Which team had more dangerous scoring chances in the penalty area? And? What were the key moments in the game or the most influential players that led the team to victory? In cooperation with the Institute for Game Analysis, areto has taken the Read the Game algorithm to a new level and combined it with exciting analytics.

Learn more…

Call Center with Sankey Diagramm

Successfully routing calls through an automated call center to the right person can be a complicated process that needs to be set up properly and monitored throughout. We developed a comprehensive monitoring system that makes it easy to track call volume and the success rate of successful routing operations. The telecom client was able to effectively optimize their router and train their call center agents.

Learn more…

Superstore Dashboard

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are constantly looking for innovative ways to gain valuable insights. Our BI experts and consultants have created a dashboard that demonstrates the power of visual analytics. Introducing our interactive Superstore Dashboard, developed with Tableau, which provides a comprehensive view of customer orders across Europe through the intelligent use of parameter actions.

The Superstore Dashboard was built on a dataset containing details of customer orders in Europe, including region, order date, product categories and product orders. The clever use of parameter actions allows users to click on regions or categories and instantly see sales or profit details for those countries or subcategories. This intuitive drill-down capability provides deeper insight into regional and category-specific performance.

By combining the expertise and dedication of our in-house BI experts and consultants, we provide our customers with dynamic visualizations that improve their decision-making processes. As we harness the power of data, our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, enabling our customers to manage complex business processes with confidence and precision.

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Tableau consultation hour

The Tableau consultation hour offers you the possibility to receive support for small and large questions at short notice. Benefit from the experience of our experts in solving your problem. This way you can quickly get back to your actual work.

Tableau Know-how Video Library

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Introducing Einstein Discovery in Tableau

Meet Tableau Cloud

What's New in Tableau 2022.3

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