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SAP integration made easy. Theobald Software’s SAP interfaces pave the way for you. Data integration to the cloud, BI & Analytics, databases as well as process integration.

Who or What Is Theobald Software?

Theobald Software started in 2004 with a programming library that enables the development of SAP interfaces and thus the extraction of data from SAP – programmed by the company’s founder Patrick Theobald, who did not want to accept that SAP was a world apart.

Today, Theobald Software covers integration with all major BI/analytics solutions, databases, cloud solutions and process integration applications from market-leading third-party vendors. From Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI, SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online, Office 365 as well as SQL Server Integration Services to independent DWH technologies such as Oracle, SAP HANA and Exasol to business intelligence solutions such as Tableau and Power BI.

Theobald Software also offers SAP integration for analytics platforms such as Alteryx, CRM solutions such as Salesforce, and cloud solutions such as Azure, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3. In addition, with Theobald Software, SAP data can also be made available in workflow solutions such as K2, Nintex, as well as Power Automate and Power Apps.

areto customers benefit from Theobald Software’s close partnership with Microsoft and SAP. Thus, our experts from the SAP Competence Center and the Microsoft Competence Center, together with our partner Theobald Software, always have their finger on the pulse of technologies.

What Are the Advantages of Theobald Software?

Theobald Software: SAP data integration made easy

Theobald Software develops interfaces that make SAP integration extremely easy. Theobald Software makes it possible to easily extract and transform mass data from a variety of different SAP sources. With Theobald Software’s SAP interfaces, seamless integration of the SAP S/4 HANA, SAP R/3 or SAP BW system can be guaranteed.

Theobald Software: Optimal data flow between SAP and any target environment – stable and completely automatic.


With Theobald Software you already achieve results in a few hours. Customers benefit from certified competence, experience as well as outstanding service.


Theobald Software's Dataload process is simple, high-performance and enables automated data transfer even without programming knowledge.


Theobald Software's integrated HTTPS/SNC transport encryption ensures a secure transfer of your SAP data.


Theobald Software's solutions allow you to extract SAP data into any database, analytics, BI or cloud solution.


The SAP certified product ERPConnect is the core of all Theobald Software products. It is responsible for the connection to the SAP system.

Which SAP data integration solution from Theobald Software is right for your company?

Theobald Software is an expert in developing SAP interfaces that help companies transport existing SAP data automatically and securely to a desired third-party environment. Below you will find an overview of various Theobald Software products. If you have any further questions about Theobald Software solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our SAP Competence Center. Alternatively, we also offer access to a free trial version.

Xtract Universal from Theobald Software: Optimal data flow between SAP and any target environment – stable and completely automatic

areto SAP Dataintegration Theobald 3

Develop your own SAP interfaces with ERPConnect from Theobald Software

Use Xtract IS to extract data from any SAP system and integrate it into processes supported by SQL Server Integration Services

areto SAP Dataintegration Theobald 2

With Xtract IS for Azure, Theobald Software offers an SAP interface for the Azure SSIS Integration Runtime

Xtract Universal by Theobald Software

xtract universal Theobald Software areto consulting

Making SAP data usable across systems

With Xtract Universal, SAP data gets to where it is needed quickly, reliably and easily. Whether databases, analytics, BI or cloud solutions – any target environment can be accessed.

And thanks to the high degree of automation, this can be done without long development times. As a stand-alone solution from Theobald Software, Xtract Universal is independent of existing ETL or data warehouse solutions. It fits seamlessly into existing concepts and solutions for data integration. Different SAP connectors enable access to relevant SAP data, regardless of where it is located or in which format it is available.

SAP integration with universal target environments

Xtract Universal from Theobald Software is a flexible stand-alone solution for SAP data integration.

With Xtract Universal Designer, users can connect to one or more SAP systems, configure SAP extractions with just a few mouse clicks – without programming or scripting. Preview and log functionality supports the development of the various SAP data extracts.

Once the data is extracted from SAP, it can be integrated directly into one of over 20 supported target environments. These include the most popular database systems (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle), popular cloud storage services (AWS Redshift, AWS S3, Azure Synapse AnalyticsAzure Blob, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL, Snowflake), and leading BI & Analytics solutions (Alteryx, Power BI, Tableau).

Your SAP extractions can be easily modified to include new data elements or to feed into other destinations to meet your changing business needs. This eliminates the need for expensive or time-consuming ABAP programming.

theobald software xtract universal areto consulting

Xtract Universal supports both bulk data extraction and incremental extraction of your SAP data. Multiple extractions can run simultaneously and can be fully automated and monitored. With built-in security, companies have complete control over who can access their sensitive SAP data.

Advantages of Theobald Software Xtract Universal

Theobald Software ERPConnect

Theobald erp connect Surface Pro devices areto consulting

Theobald Software ERPConnect - Develop SAP interfaces in all .NET-enabled environments

ERPConnect from Theobald Software can be natively integrated into 32- and 64-bit applications.

Design as well as implementation of SAP interfaces are very comfortable, because an independent API is available for each kind of SAP objects (e.g. function modules, SAP IDocs, RFC servers, BW cubes etc.). ERPConnect also offers solutions for demanding tasks: For example, reading BW objects (BEx queries) with its own API, reading SAP tables directly via RFC, generating ABAP code on-the-fly as well as executing it, and controlling transactions via batch input. In addition, the .NET Assembly can be used on mobile devices.

ERPConnect from Theobald Software simplifies a development of robust SAP interfaces.

Put an end to the difficulties of accessing SAP data because no suitable interfaces or libraries are available. ERPConnect from Theobald Software greatly simplifies the development of robust SAP interfaces. ERPConnect supports several important integration scenarios that can now be implemented with just a few lines of code: Calling SAP function modules and BAPIs to read or write data, reading data from SAP tables, calling a transaction, retrieving data from existing ERP and BEx queries, sending and receiving IDocs, or receiving an SAP RFC server call.

For the developer, this means that ERPConnect can be used in the familiar Visual Studio environment to develop solutions while taking advantage of the programming objects for SAP. The data type mapping from SAP ABAP to .NET is integrated.

ERPConnect has been certified by SAP for integration with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. ERPConnect supports all .NET Framework versions from 3.5 SP1, .NET Core versions from version 2.0 and versions of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) from 10.0.16299.

Advantages of Theobald Software ERPConnect

Xtract IS from Theobald Software

Theobald xtract is areto consulting

Make SAP data usable across systems

Seamless integration between your SAP system (ERP, S/4HANA, BW) and SQL Server Integration Services. Extract mass data with just a few mouse clicks and maximum performance and stability.

The Xtract IS component suite from Theobald Software offers you a total of nine different building blocks for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to cover the complete range of data extraction from SAP. Model your data flows in a type-safe way, with full metadata support and a graphical editor.

SAP-Integration with SSIS

Xtract IS from Theobald Software is a perfect solution for customers who already use or plan to use Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) as a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solutions.

SSIS developers can work in the familiar environment – the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) – to connect to one or more SAP systems and to construct and test SAP data flows. Xtract IS component suite for SAP is available within the SSIS toolbox, along with the standard SAP data sources, transformations and destinations. This makes it possible to configure the SAP source simply by dragging and dropping with a few mouse clicks – no programming or scripting required.

For SSIS administrators, provisioning, scheduling and monitoring SSIS packages for SAP data flows is thus no different from other data flows.

Theobald xtract is laptop areto consulting

Xtract IS can be used to extract SAP data into a data warehouse or storage solution, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Xtract IS supports both bulk data extraction and incremental extraction of SAP data.

Advantages of Theobald Software Xtract IS

Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure

xtract is for azure areto consulting Partner Theobald Software

Use SAP data in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Xtract IS for Azure ensures seamless integration between the SAP system and the Microsoft Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime.

The principle is very simple: develop SSIS packages locally and execute them in the cloud. The SAP connectivity is provided by the on-premises version of Xtract IS, which has been tried and tested for years. With the clever interface for the Azure cloud, deploying, scheduling and executing SSIS packages becomes very easy and automatic. Best of all, with Xtract IS for Azure, you can both develop SSIS packages from scratch or leverage SSIS packages already created with Xtract IS.
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SAP Integration with Azure SSIS Integration Runtime

Xtract IS for Azure from Theobald Software is the right solution for customers who want to bring their Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) workloads for SAP to the cloud. SSIS packages for SAP run on the Microsoft Azure SSIS Integration Runtime, which is deployed in the Azure Data Factory.

SSIS developers can continue to work in the familiar environment – SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) – to connect to one or more SAP systems and design and test SAP data flows. The Xtract IS component suite for SAP is available within the SSIS toolbox, along with the standard SAP data sources, transformations and destinations. This makes it possible to configure the SAP source simply by dragging and dropping with a few mouse clicks – without any programming or scripting.

For the SSIS administrator, this means that the familiar tools provided by Microsoft can be used to deploy, run and manage the SSIS packages for SAP on Azure while taking advantage of the reduced cost of ownership, high availability as well as scalability of the Azure Integration Runtime.

With Xtract IS for Azure, you have the ability to extract SAP data to your cloud data warehouse or cloud storage solution of choice. Xtract IS for Azure supports both bulk data extraction and incremental extraction of your SAP data.


Advantages of Theobald Software Xtract IS for Azure

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