SAP Analytics Cloud

The solution for self-service analytics. With SAP Analytics Cloud, departments can simulate, plan and evaluate business-relevant processes. All reports, models and functions are available in a central location.

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Access to All Analysis Functions with a Uniform User Experience

Make end-to-end business decisions by centrally accessing all analytics with a unified user experience. The functions of SAP Analytics Cloud are based on SAP Cloud Platform, are particularly powerful thanks to the in-memory technology and can be used on any device.

Unified User Experience

With a consistent user experience across all devices – analysis planning and prediction

Make end-to-end decisions with a central data management and analysis solution.

Scale the solution to meet the needs of the organization and the various users for strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

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Advanced Analytics

Uncover relevant, accurate and actionable insights faster with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Data science for everyone

Dedicated to value-added tasks with machine intelligence built into the business intelligence and planning workflows.

Dialogue-oriented analysis solutions

Get immediate answers by creating visualizations and explanations with natural language queries.

Automated Machine Learning

Identify important drivers and relationships in the data to improve performance, detect anomalies, and take countermeasures.

Intelligent forecasts

Predict possible results and create reliable forecasts – at the touch of a button and without knowledge of data science.

Business Intelligence

Evaluate data company-wide via self-service with intuitive analysis solutions and make the insights gained available to your decision-makers.

Data evaluation and visualization

Convince users with interactive visualizations and reports where you can filter data and present it in any level of detail – even with the largest amounts of data.

Efficient modeling and preparation

Automate data cleansing to trigger error warnings and categorize actions and dimensions. This improves the quality of data and leads to more detailed insights.

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Corporate Planning

Provide integrated plans for informed decision-making. Create and link financial and operational plans seamlessly in one solution.

Collaborative business planning

Plan across business units to turn real-time insights into action, ensure strategic direction, and make confident decisions.

Intelligent planning

Identify the organization’s current and future needs with meaningful predictions and machine learning tools.

Integrated financial planning

Act at exactly the right moment and gain time for strategic planning. Combine transactions, analyses and planning with SAP S/4HANA.

Innovative analytics solutions for the entire enterprise

Create and modify versions of a planning model that allows budgeting, forecasting and analysis data-driven via a central cloud interface.

Development of Your Own Analysis Applications

Create centrally manageable analytics content for guided analysis, sophisticated planning, and intelligent applications.

Customer-specific development

Build best-in-class analytics applications that combine business intelligence, planning, and forecasting capabilities.

Rapid prototyping

Integrate and extend existing content, templates and case studies with given data models and widgets and adapt them to your requirements.

Standardized analysis content

Ensure a consistent user experience with reusable UI elements and adjustable widget behavior.

Custom widgets

Enable reusable features with custom widgets, centrally managed compositions, and data science capabilities.

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SAP Analytics Cloud Roadmap

Check SAP’s SAC Roadmap for current options, as well as planned innovations and future features.

Optimization of BI effort with integrated analytics solutions

According to Forrester Consulting, analytics solutions integrated with enterprise applications provide more context-based and meaningful insights.

The path to the insight-driven enterprise

Learn how midsize companies are gaining valuable insights from their Big Data – from implementing pull analytics tools to breaking down data silos.

SAP Analytics Cloud
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Reporting, analysis, planning and simulation in one
central solution with SAP Analytics Cloud

Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

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