SAP Crystal Reports

With SAP Crystal Reports, interactive reports can be created in real time, in an intuitive environment and with flexibly customizable templates.

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Quickly Create Interactive Reports

Easily create reports using the wizard and report design parameterization features.

Take advantage of built-in sort, formula, precedence, conditional formatting, parameters, grouping, and search capabilities.

Understand data at a glance with different chart types such as bar, line, and area charts, funnel, histogram, bubble, and radar charts.

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Secure Environment for Reporting

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Secure data by defining user rights to access, view, update, export, or print reports.

Single sign-on functions for user identification.

Secure and simplify user access by integrating lightweight access protocols and active directories.

Monitor individual reports by tracking changes and usage.

Enable secure mobile access to self-service business intelligence reports.

Always the Right Information

Create targeted reports and dashboards for colleagues, suppliers, partners, and customers.

SAP Crystal is provides a path to a data-driven decision-making culture.

Create print-ready reports from various data sources.

Benefit from solutions designed specifically for the reporting needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Increase the flexibility of reporting by using built-in product wizards and parameters.

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Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

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