SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides users with a comprehensive and consolidated view of all available data sources. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, users create models, integrate, transform and analyze data themselves without having to rely on the help of their IT department.

What Is the Advantage of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

Data warehousing as a service from the cloud is designed for both business and IT users. SAP focused development on simplicity in setup, operation, and collaboration. The solution delivers fast results thanks to ready-made templates and the integration of other data sources. Another advantage is the flexible pricing, as only the actual use of data has to be paid.

In addition to central data management, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers a high degree of flexibility for different data users. For example, users from the specialist departments (almost) do not need any help from the IT department to identify data sources and enter them into the data warehouse. A further benefit is also the ease of use, such as through natural language processing (ability to process natural language) and templates for common analytical questions. Of course there are other advantages of a cloud solution: No extra hardware and software costs, and no disruptions to the work routine because of upgrades.

Analytical and user-oriented data warehousing as a service tailored to specialist and IT departments.

Semantic business layer for translating data language into natural language. 

Scalable, elastic, open and flexible, making it suitable for companies of all sizes. 

Instant access to application data through pre-built connectors to integrate data from multiple sources. 

Get More out of Your Data!

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a complete end-to-end software service that offers all functionalities from data integration, transformations and modeling, a semantic business layer to the dashboard. In addition to the IT department, the target group is also users from specialist departments. In addition to self-service analytics and reporting, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud also offers a tool for self-service modeling.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive Analytics

With advanced analytics, gain more information from data and can anticipate trends, opportunities and risks.

Visual Analytics

Visualize data-driven insights with market-leading business intelligence capabilities.

Democratized data

Improve the collaboration of users and increase business success with cooperative business planning features.

SAP Video on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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Architecture SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers the possibility to connect both SAP and non-SAP data from the cloud or from on-premise sources. A variety of connectors in the SAP Cloud Elements API Integration Platform are available.

The data can be accessed either through virtual access or by replicating data to the cloud.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is based on the SAP HANA Cloud offering and offers four services: Repository Services, Modeling Services, Data Warehousing Services, and Governance Services.

The front-end layer contains applications for analysis such as SAP Analytics Cloud, advanced data science or predictive analytics solutions as well as the possibility to connect other diverse applications or third-party applications

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Cloud-based data warehousing from an analyst's perspective

Discover the benefits of cloud-based data warehouse solutions and how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud supports business users. 

Leverage your data. Discover opportunities. Gain new insights.

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